Sunday, March 25, 2012


Parang kahapon lang ay I started my Fitness Challenge. Now, I’ve completed 20 days. Meaning to say, 10 days na lang and I’m already done with my challenge.

It’s challengeing whenever matatapat ang fitness challenge ko on a weekend. Apart from kainan invites from friends, I’m really tempted to eat more. Gaya ng weekend na ito, talagang bonggang napakain ako.

However there’s no guilt feeling. Basta magexercise at bumawi sa tamang kain, winner na rin.

It is very interesting that on this weekend, I was invited to host the graduation of the Filipino Language Program of the Philippine Embassy in Brunei.

Read on to know more my sige’t bumigay sa kainan pero no rice episode!

Saturday, Day 19

Last Saturday, I posted my latest “sexy” picture online. It’s supposed to prove what I lost in this fitness challenge. Sa totoo lang, I’m also surprised with what I achieved. Talagang nag-loose na ako ng weight since day one of my fitness challenge.

So nung Sabado, I was so super inspired. I was smiling ng bonggang dahil nga pumayat na. Meanwhile, since I was asked to host the Filipino Language Program Graduation, organized by the Philippine Embassy in Brunei Darussalam in partnership with volunteer teachers, organizations, and local media, I was delighted to not only host the event but I was very happy with what I wore. The polo na masikip na ay muli ng nagkasya at ang belt ko, nasagad ko na sa pinakamasikip.

I was with Ma’am Betsy in the event. The graduation was held at  Ambassador Ochoa’s house. I tell you, the house was sooooo big and was just majestic. Of course, di na ako kumuha ng pictures for privacy.
A Registration once you visit the Residence of the Philippine Ambassador

Nawala kami on our way to Ambassador Ochoa’s house. Because of that, I was late. Nagsimula na ang programa.

Despite being late, I still hosted the event. And I was very ecstatic on the flow of the program. I felt proud for all the volunteer teachers and the graduates ranging from beginners, juniors and seniors group. The Philippine Embassy staff and the parents of the kids were all present. Sayang lang at wala akong Barong. At hindi ko rin alam na kailangan mag-Barong. So naka-smart casual lang ako.
Sir Neil, me, Teacher Didith and Teacher Alvin

Ambassador Nestor Ochoa, Madam Mayie and Me!

Right after the program ended, everyone was invited for a photo op. Soon, everyone was ushered in the dining area. Yes, may kainan. And it’s not a simple pakain. Fiestang fiesta ang handa with all the Filipino dish.
Happy Face lang after the hosting gig!

Prior to going to the graduation, I already knew that there’ll be kainan. With that in mind, I just ate two bananas and one glass of milk for breakfast. Then for lunch, I just grabbed three slices of rye bread and a cheese. I drank more water to avoid dehydration.

So when the kainan portion in the graduation began, I was not guilty to eat more. I had two fresh lumpia, a small portion of the spaghetti, a small portion of the pancit (na halos sahog lang na gulay kinuha ko), one chicken in the afritada. 

For the dessert, I shared with Ma’am Besty. We got four kutsinta, a small slice of leche flan, a small cut of cheese cake. Dinedma ko yung chocolate cake.

Soon, the pakain ended and a meeting followed right after. The meeting focused on the assessment of the Filipino Language Program among volunteer teachers and the parents. Yours truly was invited to host the upcoming event in September. Di na ako nakatanggi kasi okay din naman yon at makatulong.

At the end of the event, Madam Mayie gave me a token of appreciation for hosting the event. Look, it's dried mangoes from the Philippines. 
I got home at around 6. But prior to reaching home, nako, napakain ako ng Magnum.  I had Chocolate Truffle. Kaloka di ba? Diet Fail!

I didn’t regret buying the ice cream. Why oh why? Di na ako kumain ng dinner. Nung nakaramdam ako ng gutom at around 12 midnight as I was reading lots of references for a book chapter that I’m working on, I just had two bananas.

I wasn’t able to exercise as well because pagod lang ang tuhod ko sa kakasayaw. I opted to take a rest and enjoy the evening.

Sunday, Day 20

Sunday came and dahil puyat ako, di ako nakapag-Taichi. Sinabayan pa ng sakit ng ulo dahil nga kakabasa ng readings.

For breakfast, I just drank one glass of milk and I attended the mass. After mass, I bought some bread for my weekday breakfast. I also bought two pieces of chicken quiche for my breakfast dahil sobrang nagugutom na ako.

I also passed by sa palengke to buy some fishes. I bought tilapia and mackarel.
Oh! Tilapia in Brunei! FISHtival!

When I reached home, I cooked my lunch. Sinabawang pansit with some shrimps, gulay and fish balls. Sobrang happy lang ako dahil talagang nabusog ako.

For dessert, I had a banana and an orange.

As usual, on a Sunday, naglilinis ako ng kubeta and room ko. So there, mega linis ako at mega pawis rin for one hour and a half.

Sa sobrang pagod, feel kong magmeryenda. So, I grabbed some almonds and grapes.
In the afternoon, nagpahinga muna ako then I worked out. I jogged, danced and did stretching for one hour and a half.

Right after sweating out, I cooked my dinner. I had tilapia, unting brown rice and some veggies, shrimps and fish balls.

So that how my weekend concluded. Despite the kainan, masaya pa rin dahil napawisan din on a Sunday. At siempre, nag-Taichi din naman ako nung Saturday night.

Now that I’m on my 20th day, I’m raising the bar. Since I have 10 days left to fulfill, I’m thinking of exercising more. Apart from Taiching, jogging, dancing and some stretching, I will do more routines to trim my love handles. Flat na ang tummy ko at tagilirian na lang ang ang i-trim.

As of writing, I’m excited to roll out my “Road to 65” Fitness Challenge.

Cheers and wish me luck!

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