Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Woohoo! It's the second day of my 30-day fitness challenge. And believe it or not, I woke up with a "harassed" feeling. I think, yes I think, perhaps my body is still adjusting to the food intake that I had for the first day and paired with some exercising.

So how's my second day? Let me share to you the feeling of undergoing this trim down challenge. Of course, while there are times that I want to give up, there are also moments where I'm just motivated to make my way to a healthy lifestyle,

If you're ready to know more about my fitness challenge, read on!

I woke up with a tired feeling. I felt that my stomach didn't have enough despite eating a slice of whole meal bread and boiled bananas. Since it's already 7:30 in the morning, I just drank my milk and went to work.

In the office, I added one slice of whole meal bread in my breakfast, apart from the sliced apple.

I didn't finish the apple in one sitting. I munched it from time to time, while drinking lots of water.

11:00 hit the clock and I went for a meeting. After an hour, it was lunch time and the meeting ended.

As I was on my way back to office, I was thinking of what and where to eat. Of course, since I'm on a no-rice diet, I opted for something less heavy to eat.

As usual, I ate at a nearby restaurant in our office. And guess what, I ordered Kolo Mee. It's noodles with some siomai.

Although I requested for my Kolo Mee to be "aji-free," I still got it with "aji." As the waitress told me, the aji is in the sauce. Without the sauce, the Kolo Mee won't have a taste at all.

I had no option but to eat as I was starving. Meanwhile, my friend Franz was with me during lunch time. We were chit chatting as I enjoyed the Kolo Mee.

When I paid in the counter, I said I ordered for an aji-free Kolo Mee. The lady, who became my friend as I always eat in their restaurant, told me that they really can't remove the aji as it's in the sauce. She just told me to request for less salt next time.

After lunch, I went back to the office and began working again. But before I went back to my workstation, I was thinking of buying peanuts for snacks. In the end, I opted not to purchase one. As you all know, I have a history of gout. So, so, and sadly, protein high foods are not recommended for me. So, I just opted not to have snacks in the afternoon. I went for a water drinking fest.

On a bright side, I learned that "expensive" peanuts like almonds are recommended for people like me with high level of uric acid.

After work, I worked out in our house. The usual, I was engrossed with Taichi. Yes, I sweat a looooot! I also added 10 minutes on my daily exercise.

Dinner time came and I had my usual food. I had boiled bananas. But I added two slices of whole meal bread with a slice of cheese.

After eating, yes, I had a happy tummy and had more energy to read and write.

But since I realized I just had cheese, I moved around the house to sweat a bit. I also refrained from sitting after eating.

As an alternative, I walked around and eventually got my groove on practicing a song for an upcoming show. Yours truly is invited to perform.

Overall, the second day went well. How and why?

First, my stomach has somehow adjusted to less eating. Instead of having a rice, I just got a small serving of noodles and some siomai (the food in the picture "surprisingly" looks big). On top of that, instead of having a fruit juice or my favourite Tea C Special, I opted to go for a glass of water.

Second, I was happy that I overcome the lazy feeling to exercise. When I arrived home, I immediately went to my bed and cuddled the pillows. Surprisingly, there was a motivation that kicked in that I really needed to exercise. Soon, I found myself working out.

Third, while I was craving for some fried egg for dinner, I was able to topple down the craving by conditioning myself to stick on my diet. Hello there, bananas!

Fourth, as usual, cheers for more water drinking session.

Now, I'm on my third day and I'm eating apples for breakfast! And as I saw my body this morning, I'm happy that there's some positive changes. On top of that, I feel light pa!

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