Monday, March 26, 2012


Yesterday was the 21st day of my 30-day Fitness Challenge. And in the past 21 days, I felt that my body has finally adjusted with the routines and diet that I've been religiously following. With this, hindi na ako madaling magutom and kering-keri ko na ang mga pagpapawis moves ko.

As I was reflecting yesterday, I realized na malaki na nga rin ang nawala especially in my tummy area. Lumiit na ang dapat lumiit. An evidence is ang pagluwag ng aking pantalon at mga damit. Dahil dito, super ligaya lang talaga ako. This only means that dedication and focus are the key on achieving weight loss. Hindi kailangan magmadali at dapat may consistency.

I call my 21st Day as a Fish-tival day. As you all know, I love eating fish. Pero dahil di madalas nakakabili sa palengke, once I get a chance, I buy a lot. So yesterday, I had my isda fix.

Read on to know some tips on loosing weight.

To loose weight is a dream come true. naks, parang iniinterview lang sa isang reality TV show. Gayunpaman, truth be told, to loose weight is a big achievement. That's because you really need loooots of patience, focus and dedication in finding your way to fitness.
Yesterday was my 21st day. So paulit ulit lang ako sa pagsasabi ng so yesterday was my 21st day? Hahaha! Moving on, there were things that I realized yesterday especially now that I'm about to  complete my challenge.

First, sanay na sanay na akong gumising ng umagang umaga. Take note, as early as 5:30 in the morning, nageehersisyo na ako.

Second, sanay na sanay na rin ang tiyan ko sa tama at healthyng pagkain especially on breakfast, lunch and dinner. For my breakfast, I had two pandesal and one apple. And for my lunch, yes, the fish-tival got in; I had fried tilapia with kamatis and a portion of brown rice. And for dinner, I had boiled fish with some kangkong;  I also had a portion of some noodles, bananas and one orange. With all of these healthy treat, energized na energized ako the whole day.

Third, I can now wear some of my masisikip na damit. As I was thinking last night, I might sell some of my clothes for the garage sale hindi dahil sumikip kundi dahil lumuwag na! Achieve, right?

Fourth, I'm excited for the summer season. Yes, may unting karapatan na ako magswimming with my new body (insert: big laugh). Meanwhile, I haven't decided where to swim with my family this May sa aking bakasyon sa Pilipinas. On the side, I'm even more excited to see (once again) my sangkaterbang friends and catch up.

Fifth, despite the healthy food that I had for the past days and continuous exercise, I would like to engage myself in an overall body check up. This is just to check my laman loooobs like the heart, kidney, and all.

Sixth, I realized na talagang malakas makatunaw ng taba ang mag-jogging, sayaw at mag-stretch. For my abs, Taichi ang katuwang ko.  I do a few sit-ups also to trim my tiyan section. Truth is, I'm not targeting a six-pack abs. Basta flat ang tiyan ko at sanay hindi na malambot, oks na oks yan.

Seventh,  my craving for sweets foods can be pacified with one mint candy. Once makakain na ako ng kendi eh ayos na. On the side, the best substitute is to eat fresh fruits. Fan na fan na ako ng mga prutas like grapes, apples and oranges. Isama mo na rin ang banana na ginagawa kong rice.

So those were my realizations that I consider a great contribution in the success of my fitness challenge.

Maybe you're wondering on hod did I do it? I tell you, hindi simple but if you have the dedication and loads of patience, you'll really be able to sport a healthy body, soon.

Here are some tips that I want to share to all of you.

1. Eat an apple a day.I always eat one apple for my breakfast. And with this, mas naging magaan ang pakiramdam ko. Even sa pag-po-poo, swabe na rin. Na-lessen din ang acidity ko.

2. No white rice, go for the brown. Although its pricey, brown rice has less sucrose content than white rice. Kaya pansinin mo, pag napaparami ka ng puting kanin, bongga ang pagtaba. Unless na lang na mabilis talaga ang metabolismo mo, kahit siguro isang sakong white rice ang kainin mo ay hindi ka tataba. Pero sa kaso ko na tabain,  brown rice is my choice.

3. Eat Vegetables. Since day 1, I already incorporated green vegetables in my diet. I usually go for cabbage and kangkong. On the side, I always eat carrots.

4. Exercise morning and at night. If you really want to loose weight, find time to exercise in the morning and at night, or late afternoon. I tell you, ang sarap ng feeling pag nakakapag-exercise sa umaga. Yung feeling na pawisan ka as the sun rises, bonggang source of energy.

5. Avoid sweets - from cakes to drinks. I know it's hard to resist sweet foods, pero if you're really serious on getting a fit and healthy body, better avoid such matatamis na pagkain. In my case, it's very challenging dahil mahilig ako sa matamis, but eventually, pinili ko ng magprutas if nag-crave ako sa matamis. Although there are times na bumibili pa rin ako ng sweets pero super minsanan na lang. Iniiwasan ko na rin uminom ng Pearl Milk Tea at kumain ng Blizzard Ice Cream.

6. Avoid Fastfood Restaurants. If you can go for some healthy food choices, better! Opt to eat vegetables or fish instead of dining in Jollibee or McDonalds or some fastfood. Malaki ang mababawas sa'yo if you'll avoid ma-cholesterol na food.

7. Avoid Pork, go for Fish. Malakas talaga makataba ang Pork and that's my thinking. Dahil diyan, iniiwasan ko ng kumain ng pork. On the side, whenever I cook my chicken, I remove the skin. Plus, I always go for white meat.

8. Say no to OILY and TOO SALTY food. With this in mind, iwasan ang mga chips and all those super salty foods. Iwasan din ang mga fried foods. Better niyan, just go for boiled foods. Tandaan na mas organic ang food, mas healthy.

8. Get an inspiration. Inspirations keeps you motivated. In my case, believe it or not, blogging has kept me running in this fitness challenge. Since ginawa kong parang reality TV show ang aking pagpapayat, in my imagination, may mga viewers na sumusubaybay sa aking pagpayat. Dahil dyan, napressure ako to loose weight. Isama mo na dyan ang "hubad hubaran" na pictures. hahaha!

9. Disiplinahin ang sarili. I think that's the most important part of getting a healthy body and mind. Instruct yourself to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

I guess that's what I can share for now.

Don't worry, I'll post a complete summary of my diet at the end of this 30-Day Fitness Challenge so you can check and opt to follow.


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