Thursday, March 8, 2012


The first day was tough. The second day was a bit stable. But on my third day,  I felt light and guilty. Okay, you may now react.

Since I had a rehearsal at night for an upcoming performance in an event in Brunei, okay, uhm, let me just start with what really happened before the guilt feeling "devours" me!

Well, it's not really I intentionally cheated but, uhm, ah, should we allow excuses on this fitness challenge? You decide, lah!

Read on to fire your thoughts.
I was very happy for the past two days that I was progressing with my diet and motivation to exercise. Until the third day happened, I realized I had to sweat more because of what I ate.

For breakfast, as usual, I had one apple and one slice of whole meal bread. As I observed in eating apples, since it's very rich in fiber, making "special moments" in the toilet became such a breeze. Although I didn't have "pooping" problems in the past, eating apples has contributed in a relaxed and enjoyable poop time.

For lunch, I had siomai, boiled fish ball, and a kolo mee. It's all steamed yet I know there's some aji in it.
Steamed fish ball
Kolo Mee
 Since the kolo mee had big serving, I wasn't able to finish it. On a positive side, what's good about not "forcing" myself to finish everything, I walked away with a very light feeling.

Left ovaaaah!
In the afternoon, I received a call from the organizer of the event. Instead of a rehearsal on Friday, they moved the schedule to Thursday, which is yesterday (Today is Friday as of writing this entry). So, as much as I wanted to attend my choir rehearsals at night, I said yes to the prior commitment on performing on Saturday. So I rehearsed at night at the Grand Ballroom of the Centrepoint Hotel.

As you all know, I normally exercise in the afternoon. So apparently, the sudden call changed the course of my fitness plan. So instead of sweating out, I was belting out on stage during the rehearsals which happened from 7 until 10 in the evening.

Before I went to the venue, I had one slice of whole meal bread. As I thought, it would be enough to give me energy during the rehearsals. Then, as I planned, I'll just grab a salad after the rehearsals. Take note, I'll grab a SALAD.

Soon, I rehearsed with enough energy to reach the high notes of my song piece. Okay. I'll be singing two songs: one is in english and one is in Malay. Eventually, I finished practicing and I was very happy with the texture of my voice. Meanwhile, I didn't feel hungry, as in hungry, as I had a slice of bread in the afternoon.

As I reflected on not feeling hungry at that time, I realized that my stomach has finally adjusted on having enough with less. Yeeees! (insert: applause).

But I tell you, during the rehearsals, my mind was thinking of yummylicious cuisine that I want to eat. But of course, the healthy ones. Oddly, a debate was rolling in my mind if I'll have a juice or a special drink. All of these were trashed when the idea and invitation to eat at Jollibee got in.

Oooooooops! Before you react that I cheated, let me tell the full story and somehow justify the violation. (Insert: Laugh!)

Since we finished late, the only restaurante that's nearby and open to accommodate our hunger was the bee's hive, yes, Jollibee fast food chain. With this appetising opportunity, and I was being invited by the organizer, and it was treat (oh yeah, excuses!!!!) I gave in.

I didn't have rice for dinner (A positive point). I ordered a pita bread with regular fries and drinks. And believe it or not, despite the mouth watering call of the chicken joy in front of me, I focused on eating my pita bread.

Surprisingly, 6 sundaes arrived.Waaaaaah! Six mouth-watering sundaes came as a treat! Tita, the mother of Cheenyca treated us. Actually, all the food that night was her treat bah.

So, boooom! Yours truly wasn't able to say NO to the delicious and sweet treat. I ate a sundae!!!! (Insert: Thunder sound! Epic Fail!)

On a positive note (let's justify and convince myself that I'm focused on this fitness challenge and I will survive), I didn't finish the sundae. To me, three teaspoons (counting eh?) of it was enough to pacify my sweet craving.

So eventually, we all went home. But hey, prior to going home, as to burn all the calories, I walked around at Gadong area. I checked on a CD shop, which was rumoured to sell all DVDs and CDs at BND1.00 because the anti-piracy law is now passed and all pirated CDs will no longer be sold in Brunei. Yes, the walking helped a bit to fold the rising guilt feeling. (Insert: really?)

Post-violation thought: Despite not being able to exercise on the third day and putting myself to a special with Jollibee's sinful delights, I forgive myself. Of course, I don't want to be harsh on myself. In my mind, in order for me to succeed in this fitness challenge, my mind, body and soul should work as a team. And yes, my stomach should cooperate too. And so, despite the "weaknesses," no one "in the team" should be blamed. Instead, everyone should learn from the mistake or work out double to cope with the race.

On the side, I was happy with myself that when I was invited to Jollibee, I refused to have the two piece chicken joy with rice. It was a big achievement. And although I had that Sundae tucked now in my bed of fats, I'm still happy that.... I was able to work out early in the morning on my fourth day. And that my dear readers is a must-read post. Not only I woke up early and exercise for an hour, I also added some twist on the fitness challenge.

On top of things, I drank looooots of water that I felt I'm now building a SEA in my stomach. Of course, there's also the apple eating session in the morning and less eating for lunch. With an apple everyday, I can now grow a farm of apples in my tummy.

So tomorrow, you'll see my fourth entry which will resurrect me after making love with Jollibee's fattening treats. I'm really on this way to redeeming myself. Jollibee, I love you, but for now, I need water, air and space to succeed in this fitness challenge. (Insert: Jollibee's Voice: Have a Happy Meal!)

No lah! Noooooo!

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