Friday, March 9, 2012


I brand the fourth day of my 30-day fitness challenge as FRIDAY FITNESS MADNESS! Since I felt guilty last Thursday night because of having Jollibee's pita bread, fries and drinks, I decided to exrcise the next day!

Meanwhile, I had a half cup of brown rice during lunch time which helped me to get the boost I need for the whole day packed with work. I also had some protein-rich and light snacks in the afternoon.

Wanna know how I'm progressing in this fitness journey? Read on!

I was sooooo lazy to get out of my bed yesterday morning to exercise. But then again, as motivation kicked in, I went up and did one hour Taichi.

Meanwhile, before I exercised, I cooked some brown rice in the rice cooker.Yes. I cooked rice. But don't worry, it's brown rice!

The moment I finished Taichi, I went to the kitchen and packed the brown rice. Then I started to get ready for work.

For breakfast, as usual, I had one apple and one slice of bread. Then for lunch, yes, I had my brown rice which I wasn't able to finish as I felt busog agad. I also bought some siomai as my ulam.

looks white but it's brown!

After lunch, I went to a nearby grocery to look for some alternative snacks, and I mean healthy ones  - not salted and just light. So, instead of grabbing chocolates or chips, I had..... UNSALTER ALMONDS!

I was so excited to eat the almonds when I got back in the office. Suddenly, I stopped and postponed my craving. I said to myself that it's for a SNACK and not a dessert after eating lunch.

The clock hit at 3 and I started to eat the unsalted almonds. Good lord, the almonds were just delicious. But since I'm afraid that a high-protein food will affect my uric acid, I just had a few pieces.

Soon, I was home and I was exercising in my room. Actually, I was planning to for a walk but since the sky showed signs of heavy rains, I opted to stay in the house.

In my room, I danced for an hour. I had my music on and I just mixed and matched all my memorized dance routines which I got from watching a dance video.

After I exercised, I relaxed for a while and had my dinner. I had a whole meal bread with a slice of cheese. Yes, I had a happy tummy that night.


If there's anything that I love on the fourth day of my fitness challenge, that is the motivation to loose weight. Having eaten Jollibee last Thursday night, I was motivated to get rid of the faaaaats! So after exercising in the morning and in the afternoon, yes, I made it. I was back to feeling light and healthy.

Meanwhile, eating almonds was energizing. It's just interesting that I didn't crave for something sweet.

While I had a half serving of brown rice, nabusog rin talaga. I was full and was powered up to deliver what I'm supposed to finish for my work.

As of writing, I'm now on my fifth day. And it just gets better and better and healthier!

Just this morning, I faced the mirror. I was just ecstatic. I can't wait to myself after I finish this 30 day challenge.

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