Sunday, March 11, 2012


I can't believe it, I finished (although not with an impressive performance) the 5th and 6th day of my 30-day Fitness Challenge.

The 5th and 6th day of my 30-Day Fitness challenge fell on a Saturday and Sunday. And since it's on weekend, I was challenged to exercise more and yes, eat healthy despite the call of the yummylicious food treats. Okay fine, I gave in at some point.

My fitness challenge on a weekend had a mix of bonggang exercise and bonggang food fest. Positively, the food fest was "rice-free" on a Saturday but not on a Sunday night. While I consistently exercised on both mornings of Saturday and Sunday, the mini hiking at Tasek Lama put me to the test.

Wanna know more about my fitness challenge on a weekend? Read on!

Normally, on a Saturday morning, I go to a nearby Filipino restaurant and enjoy my breakfast. My usual order is either Tapsilog (Tapa, fried rice and egg) with extra rice or Bangsilog (Bangus, fried rice and egg) with extra rice. Since on a Saturday we're scheduled for a late lunch in the office, I eat a lot in the morning.

Since I was on a fitness challenge, I didn't eat my usual Tapsilog or Bangsilog with all the carb fest on extra rice. Instead, I had two slices of whole meal bread and an apple. On the side, I had almonds.

Lunch came and I went out with my friend. We ate at Country Patch. And gaaaaawd! As much as I wanted to eat my favorite chicken chop with rice, I refused (wholeheartedly!). I opted to enjoy a fresh mango juice and the fish sandwich.

Soon, I went to the mall and did my grocery. I bought some slices of white meat which I plan to cook for adobo, vegetables and fruits. I didn't buy any chips or cookies.

After I finished my grocery, surprisingly, I didn't crave for a pearl milk tea. Soon, I was home.

Since I was scheduled to perform at night for a show, I rehearsed (a bit) in the afternoon. On the side, I  drank a cold ice tea (before practicing) to relax as Brunei's weather is soooo humid.

By 6:30, I was already at Centrepoint hotel for the Let's Trek Event. Time ran so fast, I sang and yes, I ate my dinner.

With Fahdli and Cheenyca!

Me, Cheenyca, Fahdli, Aimee and Mardy!

Goodies in the event

For dinner, although I was tempted to eat rice, I opted to just go with the fish and veggies. I also had some slice of beef. And for the dessert, I had more fruits and two mini slice of cakes.

After the event, we stayed at Coffee Bean. Guess what, I didn't order the usual Ice Blended Pure Chocolate. Instead, I had mango mucho (non-coffee and less sugar).

Sunday came, the 6th day of my fitness challenge started. Instead of going for early morning Taichi, I went to Tasek with Ma'am Betsy and Elna. As early as 7, we were already in one of Brunei's fitness hub!

Elna and Ma'am Betsy!

The chubby me!
As I reached Tasek Lama, I started to trek with Ma'am and Elna. We walked for almost an hour.

Love my orange shoes!

Since Ma'am and Elna opted to just go for one round, I decided to go for another round. I wanted to sweat more. So, I walked alone. On my way, I had my phone to take some photos as I walked around the route.

Soon, we're done by 10. And as soon as we finished, we went to a nearby restaurant to have our brunch. Yours truly just had milk and a banana before walking around at Tasek Lama. So by 10, I was already hungry.

I had a wanton noodle and a cold lemon drink. I sooooo loved the wanton noodle. It's not salty and the wanton was tasty! The iced lemon tea perfectly matched the food as it gave me a soothing caress!

After the chit chat, we all went home.

So what I had to lunch? Oh well, I had a whole meal bread with cheese. And for snacks, I had grapes.

I was supposed to have a garage sale on this day but I cancelled. Instead of having the performance on a Sunday, the show was moved on Saturday.Sayang, nakapag-garage sale na sana ako! Meanwhile, to make myself busy (and healthy), I cleaned my room and the toilet to sweat out more.

Interestingly, at night, Ma'am Betsy invited me for a dinner after attending the mass. We had nilagang baka for dinner, some mangoes, papaya and chocolates (with macademia nuts).

It was also the night I had, three spoons of white rice. Waaaaaah! But I didn't regret it. Three spoons, uhm, okay! It's still a rice.

I stayed at Ma'am place. We all watched "The girl with the dragon tattoo." We also had a tea to burn the kabusugan that we enjoyed.

Soon, I was home.

Reflection: I thank God for all the food treats that I received over the weekend. That despite not eating rice (except on a Sunday), I feel light and not guilty. Thanks to exercising, I burn some "extras" in my body.

Now, I'm looking forward to more healthy days! Cheeeeers!

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