Monday, March 12, 2012


It's the 7th day of my 30-day Fitness Challenge! What an achievement.

So on my seventh day, as usual I didn't have rice. However, in celebration of all the blessings that I received for the past days, I went out with my officemate and we had (still no-rice) a special meal. Also, I had (a violation) a sweet treat.

But despite the "festive meal," I had some intensive workout in the morning and in the afternoon. So I suppose, that katabaan in my body was natunaw na?

Read on and get to know how I resurrected my self on this fitness battle!

I am very overwhelmed for the past days as two major blessings came my way. First, my book chapter proposal for a book in Social Media in ASEAN was accepted. And second, my paper on Blogging and Migrant Workers was also accepted for oral presentation in an upcoming conference on Media on October in Bangkok. So with all of these, there's no other way to celebrate such outpour of biyaya but to enjoy a meal.

Since I'm on a strict (seriously?) fitness program, I opted to go for a "free-rice" meal. So, I tagged along my officemate to join me in my thanksgiving.

Prior to a festive lunch, I exercised in the morning. Meanwhile, I had fresh grapes, one apple and a slice of rye bread (non-fat) for breakfast.

When lunch came, my officemate and I ate at Fleur De Lys. It's a cozy restaurant situated across our office building.

So what did I have?

I had Croque Monsieur (Hirap spell, noh?). It's a bread with chicken ham and some vegetables. It's also topped with melted cheese (now that's fattening). Then, for the drinks, I had the Peach Iced Tea.

The meal was (grabeeeee lang!) huge. I was so full. As my officemate told me, who had Croque Madame, our meal was good enough to last until dinner. Totoo!

I also had a cheesecake brownie for dessert. (Insert: You Cheated!). I know, right? Don't worry, I didn't finish that as it's sooo sweet.

After work, I went home and did my dancing. Okay, I didn't dance. I opted to go for a 30-minute jog in place routine. And yeeeees, I burned all the carbs that I had for lunch! Basang basa ako ng pawis!

At night, I had  a rye bread with cheese and boiled bananas. As I read some books, the bananas comforted my tummy.

Meanwhile, I cooked my packed lunch for the next day; it's chicken adobo!

Reflection: Despite the "festive" treat, I'm happy that when I looked in the mirror, mejo nabawasan na ang kalakihan ng aking bilbil. On top of that, I feel light as I exercised in the morning and in the afternoon.Cheers for more pagpapapawis and go for healthy eating!

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