Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's been a week since I started my 30-day Fitness Challenge. In fact, this entry will chronicle my 8th day. Can you believe it? 8th day?

Moving forward, I can say that I'm happy with the results that I'm getting on this self-imposed fitness challenge. What's more motivating, while I can see that some results and I feel light, it has now become automatic for me to wake up early in the morning and sweat out. And in the afternoon, once I reached the house, I rest for a few minutes and do more exercise.

The 8th day of my 30-day fitness challenge is amazing. It was yesterday, oh, the other day, Monday, when I started to jog in place for 30-minutes.

If you wanna know how I survived my 8th day packed with exercising, read on!

I don't go to the gym to achieve or fulfill this 30-day fitness challenge. Apart from the truth that I'm saving my money for some travel and investments, I believe that I can loose weight if I'll exercise in a tipid way and by eating the right food. Having said this, thanks to my Father who taught me Taichi, I only rely on Taichi. Except for the pas few days,I started dancing and jogging (in place).

For this 8th day of my 30-Day fitness challenge, I can say that I stepped up on exercising. Apart from doing Taichi in the morning, na ang effect ay pag piniga ang T-shirt ay bongga ang lumalabas na pawis, I also jogged (in place and with a disco music as background). I tell you, the first day of jogging was just intensive. While I sweat a lot, bonggang sumakit ang muscles ko. But of course, after taking a rest, the pain went away.

On this day, I didn't have an apple for my breakfast since I forgot to buy one. Instead, I had grapes and one piece of rye bread (non-fat). On the side, I munched almonds.

For lunch, yes, it's exciting. Since I brought (and cooked early) my packed lunch, not only that I saved a few dollars, I also enjoyed the taste of my food (less salt, yes!). I had chicken adobo.

But here's an interesting element in my 8th day. I had (just a few spoons) of brown rice, which I cooked early in the morning (around 5 am! gooosh!).

After eating, I went to nearby shop across our office. I bought grapes, apples and oranges. The grapes and apples are for my breakfast in the coming days while the oranges are for snacks in the afternoon.

Afternoon came and I was enjoying the fresh oranges that I got. I really like the chinese orange which is easy to peel and has a refreshing kick.

As soon as I got off from work, I headed home and worked out. I jogged for 30 minutes (non-stop, take note).

Meanwhile, at night, I went out to meet Lisa, Elna and Kuya Rhenee. The meet-up was scheduled, uhm, last week as we wanted to engage in some last hurrah before Lisa's panganganak. So last night, we met and talked over dinner.
Lisa, Elna and Me!
Frankly, it's not easy to do this fitness challenge. I have to avoid rice and yes, oily and fatty foods (eh kamusta ang fries?). So for this evening, my best option was to get the clubhouse sandwich with some side salad and fries. For the drinks, I had a fresh orange juice. I didn't eat the salad. As you can see, it's packed with mayonnaise. Oh well, Elna finished the salad. #lol 

I also tried a few bites of Elna's Laksa. Uhm, it's yummy but I really stopped getting more as I thought that it's fattening. If it has a coconut milk, then surely it does.

Since everyone was in a mood for more chikahan, instead of moving to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, we just opted to stay at CheezeBox.
Goofing around at CheezBox!
Guess what, instead of getting those sweet juices or oreo drinks, I ordered a Lavender tea. While I shared to everyone the soothing drink, I enjoyed the effect of the tea as I felt that what I just ate was tinutunaw. Then again after drinking the tea, I felt sleepy. So, pagdating ng bahay, nag-toothbrush lang ako then borlog na.
By eleven, I was on my way home.

The next day, as I looked in the mirror, ang saya, nabawasan na ang bilbil ko. And my arms, yes, nabawasan na rin sa laki!

Meanwhile, after eight days of continuous exercise and diet, na-fe-feel ko na nagiging light ang pakiramdam ko. Kahit ang pagtulog ko, swabe na rin. Idagdag mo na rin ang mas focus na isipan sa pagbabasa at dahil nasasanay na, less irita na rin sa work. On top of that, dahil I exercise, I don't get that guilt feeling pag kumakain ako. But of course, I try to eat less. Di ko na pinipilit sarili ko pag busog na.

On the side, I don't starve myself. Yung iba kasi, pag nagpapa-payat, ginugutom ang sarili. I suppose, that's wrong. In my case, I eat on time and I eat a lot of fruits. Iba rin ang impact ng prutas. Maliban sa refreshing, it's a healthy substitute over chocolates and cakes or doughnuts. 

At night, although I'm invited to some kainan,  self-control plays a role. Sa ngayon, mas pinipili ko ng chumika instead of eating a lot. In my mind (with all the conditioning), tikim lang ay ayos na. Tikim tikim para matikman ang ibang pagkain. So at the end of the "eating session," there's no guilt feeling.

Some may be wondering with how I exercise. As I said, I exercise in the morning. I do Taichi. Then in the afternoon, I dance, which moves I've memorized after following an instructional video. I also jog to sweat out more.

So there! Thanks for following my 30-day Fitness Challenge. Let's all live on a healthy path! Fight!

By the end of this fitness challenge, I will show my "new body" (hopefully) and have a GRAND FOODAMBA NIGHT. Meaning to say, I will eat a bonggang bonggang meal!  You can join me basta you pay lah!

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