Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm very happy that I'm seeing some positive results in my body since I started this 30-day Fitness Challenge. With this, I'm even more motivated to loose weight and continue eating healthy. And as of writing, I'm thinking of making a SECOND SEASON.  O di ba, parang reality TV lang.

Yesterday was my 9th day of my 30-day fitness challenge. As usual, I exercised and eat properly. But here's the catch, I didn't have one slice of Rye bread at night. Instead, okay, you better read the rest of my entry.

I really can't wait to post my before and after picture. Well, I'm not hoping that there will be HUGE difference. But with what I'm seeing with my body every time I look in the mirror, I can say that pak na pak  na ang pagbabago.

Since last Tuesday night I went out with friends and had "carb fest, " I promised myself that I'll sweat out more the next day.

So on my 9th day, apart from eating a healthy breakfast, I exercised in the morning and in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, for lunch, I had chicken adobo and some brown rice. And because I craved for some desserts, I had some oranges.

On the side, I has some unsalter almonds during work.

In the afternoon, I was ecstatic to jog for 30 minutes. I was successful in achieving the 30-minute non-stop jog (in place). After, I also danced to the beat of "Moves like Jagger," which choreography I got from an instructional video.

Then at night, since I wanted to try something different, I didn't have the usual rye bread. Instead, I cooked some boiled vegetables with some oyster sauce.

Soon, I was enjoying my meal. Of course, there's always the nilagang saging.

As my day ended, I realized two things.

First, I'm getting used already on eating fruits in the morning. Surprisingly, it has become automatic for me to slice an apple in the morning. Also, I've trained my tummy to eat on time.

Second, my body got used to jogging (in place) for 30 minutes. Di na ako hinihingal. Although minsan may pain ang legs after, compared to the first day, may nasasanay na ang aking legs on running. Ang sarap din ng feeling na after, super pawis talaga.

So that's the two things na nafe-feel kong nagbago sa akin since I started the 30-day Fitness Challenge.

Meanwhile, I'm planning to do the SECOND SEASON of this challenge because I want to be fit and healthy.

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