Monday, March 5, 2012


Last Friday night, Ma'am Betsy and Ton visited Ina and David's humble abode in Kampong Katok. Actually, David and Ina invited us a week ago when we saw them walked in and ate in the restaurant where we're enjoying our dinner. So with our "unstoppable" kadaldalan  despite the distance of our dining tables and we felt that there's just too many things to talk about, the Friday night out was set.

Apart from enjoying the appetising meal which was prepared by the lovely couple, we also enjoyed the chikahan on random topics. Moreover, the "ala-MTV crib" tour in their house was just amazing! As I commented, it's as if we're not in Brunei at the very moment of our walk through.

So wanna know the chika on that one fine evening? Read on.

Ma'am Betsy, Ton and I spent 30 to 45 minutes on the road searching for Ina's place. Since I'm bad at directions and Ma'am Besty was focused on driving, the constant communication with Ina over the phone was the only saving factor which paved way for us to finally spot the house in Kampong Katok.

The moment we arrived at Ina's place and walked in the front yard, I got an eerie yet ecstatic feeling. Why eerie? There was one big tree (we guess a hundred years old) across their house which looks like a standing tall monster. On top of that, since their place is situated on the "dead end" zone, big trees were all over. Also, there was no enough lamp posts around. It was only the moon's brightness and a sparkling white light from an outdoor bulb that lighted the area.

Despite the odd and takutin-ba-ang-sarili feeling, a big smile surfaced on our faces as Ina and David let us in to their refreshing, modern and clean house. But before I proceed with my "documentation" on how amazing their house interiors mesmerized us, let me tell you that there was one uber big house beside Ina's unit which massively reconstructed our definition of a "mansion." Seriously, with almost 20 windows and 10 aircons around the two-storey house, we thought that the house was a business establishment! It was just humungous!

Moving on to the Moro's residence, we were welcomed not only by their very polite and cheerful kids, the pasta, grilled chicken, salad paired with a wine and pineapple juice captivated our senses. Soon, we found ourselves feasting with the irresistible dish.

grilled chicken!


Salad and wine!
OH! Before we ate, Ina and David took us for a short yet boisterous tour in their house. We were all screaming and shouting in awe of the house's interiors.

While I enjoyed the big and spacious backyard which the family also considers as a grabbing factor of the place, the minimalist design, the earth colour combination and the thematic bedrooms absolutely wowed us! Sorry guys, I didn't take a picture of the interiors as for the family's privacy.

The night was also filled with exchange of insights, opinions and chikahan with lots of okrayan and laughter. From pondering on family life in Brunei, reflecting on the education system, and even up to criticizing the contestants of American Idol (as we were watching then), we were just spontaneous.

FRONT: Ina and David. BACK: (l-R) Ton, Ma'am Betsy and Me!

As the clock hit 10:30, we bid farewell to Ina and David. Thanks to Ina's map, we found our way home fast and easy.

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