Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday ay ang aking 29th day with my 30-day Fitness Challenge. And as of writing, I'm on my 30th. So today is the last day.

Maybe you're wondering what made me jump into this 30-Day Fitness Challenge. The answer is very clear; I want to be healthy and fit.

For the past months, I observed na mejo lumakas ang kain ko and I was enjoying nang bongga ang pagkain ng sweets like pearl milk tea. Sinabayan pa ito ng pagkain ko sa labas sa kadahilanang ang microwave sa office ay sira. Ni wala man lang pakialam ang boss ko. Kainis lang. Anyways, that's a different story.

There are pictures that made me realize that I'm getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Wanna see the whole picture? Read on.

Napansin ko na talagang tumataba na ako simula January and during Richard Poon's Concert. Di lang sumikip ang polo na binili ko sa Pilipinas, but I also felt that I'm heavy. And as I checked on my tiyan, aba, bongga na rin sa paglaki. Actually, yung bilbil. Meanwhile, todo na rin ang kumento sa akin na tumataba nga ako.  

January 2012: "Buntis Level"

February 2012: "Damit na Di Maisarado"

With this realization, I thought of a fitness challenge that will put me to the test. Since I don't have a budget on going to the gym or paying a trainer, I just worked out a plan. Positively, the plan worked for me.

At para mas mapanindigan ko ang fitness challenge ko, I promised myself to blog daily. I want to detail my daily routines on loosing weight. I also noted all the food that I eat para mamonitor ang healthyness.

Buying a weighing scale was my first move on this fitness challenge. Of course, I need it para mamonitor ang aking pagpayat. The moment I had the weighing scale, I said to myself, aba, talagang seryosohan na ito.

Second, I started and slowly taking out "white rice" in my diet. On my first day, gulay lang kinain ko for lunch. And I tell you, nakakapanginit ng ulo. Parang gusto kong kumain ng bongga. Pero sabi nga nila, no pain, no gain.  Eventually, I incorporated half cup of brown rice in some of my meals especially during lunch time.

Third, sinumulan ko ang fruit diet. Bongga ang pagkain ko ng prutas like apples and saging. During snacks, I controlled my craving for sweet foods. Instead, ngumangata ako ng almonds. At night, I was consistent with eating bananas. Of course, di maiiwasan ang kainan with friends. Ang ginawa ko, pick a healthy food and eat in small portions.

Fourth, kinarir ko ang pageehersisyo sa umaga. Sa umpisa, umaga lang. Pero after eight days, bumanat na ako ng ehersisyo sa hapon.  I jogged, danced and stretched my way to a healthy path.

It's not easy to fulfill this 30-day Fitness Challenge. There were days that I just wanted to stop and eat. But at the end of the day, the moment I see the results, namo-motivate na ako.

So, after 29 days, I lost 6 Kilos or 13.2 Pounds.  With this, talagang tuloy tuloy na ang healthy eating and exercising. 
Nagkakaporma na abs!

"Pang-beach body!"

 So kung kinaya ko, I'm sure, kaya mo rin. So, go for a fitness challenge and be on a healthy path!


Tomorrow, watch out as I post the complete summary of my fitness challenge plan.

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