Friday, April 6, 2012


I was so busy with the month of March. Not only I was so naghahabol to submit my research proposal for a potential supervisor for my PhD, but I was also engrossed completing my self-made 30-Day Fitness challenge.

Meanwhile, I was also busy with looking for a beach where my family and I can stay on my vacation in May. Positively, I already found one. I need to get another one as to maximize my weekend on my 3-weeks vacation in the Philippines.

There's nothing special that happened this month except for the fact that I lost 13.2 pounds. Isn't that great? Well, thanks to my focus and dedication that I'm able to survive my fitness challenge.

Now, join me as I evaluate the different aspects of my life for the month of March.

Read on.

Losing 13.2 pounds is the highlight of my life for the month of March. Through healthy eating and daily exercise (morning and afternoon), I achieved what I aimed.

On the side, last month was just enjoyable. I came out of my comfort zone. As I said to myself, enough of a "laid back" life and it's time to be proactive again. And so, I started to push through with my PhD Application in different universities. Also, I started to rewrite my book chapter for a forthcoming book on social media. In my mind, I want to start another blog which will focus on digital media (as part of my PhD sojourn) and write short stories for a book.

 Social Life -  1.5 (Good)

I've always been sociable. I can mingle with different personalities. With that, I'm spotted kung saan saan. However, last month, I kinda stayed at home most of the time. That's because of my fitness challenge. I kinda turned down some invitations especially kainan sessions.

Last month, I hosted an event. It's the graduation of the Filipino Language and Cultural Enrichment program of the Philippine Embassy in Brunei Darussalam. I didn't charge a talent fee since I realized that most of the teachers who taught the students were volunteers.

Meanwhile, on my free time, with some invitations from friends, I still come and join the revelry. Of course, at the top of my mind is to observe healthy eating or not to overeat.

Work Life -  1.75 (Good)

After a very busy month of February, March came with less work. However, despite less work among copywriters, I still kept myself busy with advance research. And in some occasion, I do my research and paper work in the office as to keep myself busy.

Academic Life -  1.25 (Very Good)

I've been very active in applying for a PhD. Last month, I started to contact some professors in a University in Australia. Meanwhile, I had to check on some scholarship to support my study.

I got positive feedback on my research proposal. My proposal talks about digital media and the Filipino migrant workers. Most of the universities are interested about my topic. However, I need to apply for a scholarship to finance my study. Hopefully, with trust in God and in my credentials, I can win a scholarship and pursue my research. I am confident that my study is a great contribution in the field of migrant studies, digital communication and consumer culture.

Last month, I began to polish my research paper which will be published as a book chapter in a forthcoming book on social media in ASEAN. Meanwhile, with all the references that I read, I thought of adding some insights on the book chapter. Yes, my topic is about migration, blogging and empowerment. 

Health and Fitness - 1.00 (Excellent)

Thanks to my 30-Day Fitness Challenge, I lost 6 Kilos or 13.2 pounds. Need I say more? Check out my previous entry to know more about my life-changing fitness challenge.

From 76 Kilos, I'm down to 70 Kilos!

Finances: 1.25 (Very Good)

I was able to save more last month. That's because I was bringing packed food for lunch.I was also happy with my "saving scheme" as I don't have to spend dollars on eating out in restaurants. On top of that, I'm able to pay my investment on time.
Love Life - 2.00 (Good)

I've always been olats in this section of my so called life. But I'm not complaining. Nageenjoy pa naman ako sa buhay kong single. Oh well, I spend naman most of my time with friends and family (through virtual spaces).   

I know that "that special someone" will come at the right time and at the right place (sounds like a song). I just have to wait. For now, I'm open to dating. As they say, I'm single and ready to mingle. 

GWA: 1.46
I'm excited for the month of April. It's a continuation of what I started in March - PhD Application, Scholarship hunting and application, and yes, the Season 2 of my Fitness Challenge which will be called Road to 65!


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