Sunday, April 29, 2012


There is no specific months of a rainy or a summer season in Brunei. Sometimes its so hot. Sometimes heavy rains visit the Sultanate. However, there are moments that as expats or Overseas workers you feel like enjoying or "reliving" the unique season back in your home country. So last Saturday, I and my friends recreated "Philippine Summer" in Brunei.

As you all (possibly) know that I'm going back to the Philippines tomorrow night for my end-of-contract vacation. So last Saturday's swimming escapade was somehow a pre-summer treat for me.

So wanna know what happened over the weekend? Or should I say the best weekend sleepover ever? Read on to find out more.

Our sleepover at Ma'am Betsy's place was planned a week ago. We were having a "welcome dinner" for Ma'am Betsy (as a new member of our group) one week ago at Jovert's place when the idea of a sleepover popped out.As suggested, we will stay at Ma'am Betsy's place in Bandar. Apart from the opportunity to swim, we also incorporated the idea of having a horror movie marathon.

Our sleepover started last Saturday afternoon. Although Ma'am Betsy offered to prepare our food, we still brought some food.I brought some drinks, eclairs and cream puffs. Elna had chips ready for the movie marathon. While Jovert came up with a roasted duck for our next day brunch. And Jovert had a red wine during the movie night. Meanwhile, I brought my CDs of the series American Horror Story.

As early as 6:30 in the afternoon, I was already in the pool with Ma'am Betsy's son, Ton. It was a relaxing and refreshing experience to laze around in the big and friendly pool. I consider it friendly to non-swimmers because it's deepest at 5 feet.

While I was enjoying in the pool with Ton, Elna, who's very excited to swim that day ended up helping Ma'am Betsy in preparing the appetising dinner.

For our dinner, we had lumpiang shanghai, a Greek Salad (which I was so amazed with the preparation and the unforgettable yummy taste), grilled fish, and pumpkin soup.

Greek Salad!

Pumpkin soup!

The food was yummy. I personally enjoyed the salad, the soup, the fish and the lumpia. In short, I loved everything. And what's good, I didn't have a heavy feeling after eating. As it's all fish and veggies, healthy eating was on the roll.

The dinner went more interesting when everyone shared personal stories which I won't disclose here. As said, what you see, what you hear, when you leave, leave it here. And so, I'm leaving all the stories and consultations that made us laugh oh-so hard at Ma'am's cozy and "ala-five-star" unit.

As string of stories collapsed our "virgin" minds, we also enjoyed a big plate of assorted desserts. Ma'am Betsy had velvet cupcake while I had eclairs and cream puffs, which I bought in a nearby bakeshop. Soon, the night was packed with sweet narratives and jaw-dropping revelations? hahaha!

Eventually, we found ourselves in front of the television. With pillows, folding beds and blankets, we were all glued with two horror shows: one is a series called American Horror Story and the other one if a Tagalog movie entitled Sumpa (Curse).

Whenever I watch a horror movie, I scream a lot. My friends were not spared with my wild reactions. I screamed loudly and even violently that even my friends ended up screaming as well. But of course, to tame our scared hearts (that someone might complain with our noise), we still laughed especially with Elna's parang bata na ayaw panoorin ang pinapanood at nagtatakip pa ng mata sa panonood.

We finished watching at around 1:30 in the morning. The real katatakutan happened. Elna kept on saying that "Hindi ko makalimutan yung hitsura nung babaeng nakaputi sa pelikula." Super tawa kami ng tawa talaga kahit nakahiga na kami sa room. Ang ingay lang!

Whenever I will go to the toilet, Elna would plead if she could follow and be the first to use the toilet as I waited. Oddly, when we got and shared in the room, we had bonggang bonggang katatakutan especially when we turned off the lights. There was also one point last Staurday when I locked Elna in the room and she screamed like she's after her life. Super laugh trip talaga.

But what's not funny, we got reprimanded (through an SMS) by a neighbor. Because of all our excitement and screaming (isama mo na ang kalabugan dahil sa unting takbuhan), a neighbor complained about our "unacceptable noise." And so we were silenced (for three seconds? hahaha).

But after that incident, we didn't stop the happy moment. We just opted to talk quietly inside the room.

I loved Ma'am Betsy's guest rooms. It's so clean. The bed sheets were fragrant. The floor and wooden cabinets were an eye candy to pamper our tired and makukulit na pagkatao. Para kaming nasa five-star hotel. Bongga sa accommodation.

I slept at around 4 in the morning and eventually we all woke up at 7.30. By 8 in the morning, we were all in the pool.
Goofing around by the pool side!

Babad sa Tag-araw!

Me, Elna, Ma'am and Ton!

The Poo area!

In the pool, a host of "unacceptable" stories were shared. Super fun talaga nung usapan that we had to ask Ton to move away as ito ay usapang pang-matanda. After swimming, we all went back to Ma'am's place and prepared our brunch. We all one by one took a shower and refreshed ourselves.

Meanwhile, I had some vanity shots in the toilet as to show how I'm progressing with my continuous fitness challenge. Yes, more to loose but I'm getting there. Effective talaga when you don't eat rice.


Side shot!

Side shot!

At 10 in the morning, we were already cooking our brunch. Ma'am Betsy prepared sinigang na isda, while Ton helped on cooking the pancakes. Elna also assisted in cooking the fried rice. And viola, Jovert bought a roasted duck.


Brunch Time!

After our brunch, we all watched in the living room. And by 1, we all decided to go home. We're already sleepy yet very contented and uber delighted with the sleepover.

As of writing, we're already planning our next getaway when I come back after my vacation in the Philippines. Honestly, I am so overjoyed with last Saturday's sleepover. The best ang summer!


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