Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm supposed to be finishing my book chapter on a forthcoming publication but I'm not. Instead, I'm busy planning some projects in mind. Perhaps, this is my way of coping with continuous and repetitive tasks. So to veer away from the "usual" research and massive reading, I'm currently handling UP Circle Brunei's Induction of Officers and Members, which will happen on Saturday, 14 April 2012.

Despite my busy schedule, I'm happy that I'm able to accomplish some of the to dos in my list. Apart from reading and jotting notes on new media, I've also successfully booked a beach for my upcoming vacation in the Philippines with my family. Finally, after how many weeks of emailing and messaging my dad. One problem to go, to book another location on May 12 and 13.

At the moment, all I want is to go to the beach, bask under the sun, sip a fresh juice and relax. But of course, I know that I'll achieve that in May, on my vacation in the Philippines. Natawa lang ako kasi sabi nung isa kong friend, pumayat lang daw ako, nagaaya na mag-beach.

So yesterday, I was busy with organizing the UP CB event. Although there's work in the office, but not that packed compared to the past month, I am able to tie some loose ends on event organizing. Calling people, updating officers, and messaging members were some of my tasks yesterday.

And just last night, together with some members, the decorations for the stage, which were made of colourful paper cut outs and letters, were accomplished.

Yesterday, I had some projects in mind. I was in the mood for planning out activities to work with.

First, I was thinking of throwing an Emceeing and Stage Performance (Singing) Workshop among young adults. Although I have roughly lined-up the program, I haven't really talked about it with some officers of my organization. But it would be a very good project as I have experiences in the field of Media - from scriptwriting, acting, singing, and even on hosting. On the side, I can tag along some of my friends in Brunei to assist and supervise some sessions. Should there be a fee? that's what I need to find out.

Second, I am pondering on writing my first ever fiction book. It has been a long overdue plan. The book will contain 12 unique stories which will focus on the triumphs and travails of an Overseas Filipino Worker. However, I am adding some twists on it. It won't be the typical nakakaiyak stories or pang-MMK. It would be something more experimental. I won't be disclosing the information as I haven't really wrote the stories. On a positive note, I have the ideas which now call for development.

Third, I want to travel alone. Yes, you read it right. Despite living solo and away from my family, I really haven't imagined myself traveling solo. So for this "bucket list" vision, I would really like to travel alone on May. Perhaps somewhere in the Philippines would be great.

As I was pondering on traveling solo, I was also thinking yesterday and researching as well on what to bring and jot down the do's and don'ts. Reading some blogs on backpacking piques my interest.

With solo travel, as believed, I can get to know more myself. Imagine, I have to decide and act on things on my own.
 Fourth, as promised, my Fitness Challenge will resume on 16 April 2012. It's gonna be called ROAD TO 65. I know that it will be challenging for me because I'm going back to the Philippines. Just imagining the "eat-all-you-can" session with family and friends, I'm hoping not to loose my discipline and drive on eating right and exercising everyday.

But here's the deal, with my Road to 65 Fitness Challenge, I am promising myself to exercise and eat healthy even if I'm in the Philippines. As I was pondering on this challenge yesterday, I thought of going for retail therapy instead of eating. So less kain sa Pinas but more shopping and gala. It's like, I'd rather shop for clothes or books rather than enjoy eating. Meanwhile, it would be bongga if I'll engage in this challenge with tipid tips.

It may sound a torture but I would love to explore the different SALADS in the Philippines. This is part of the Road to 65 fitness challenge; yes, to look for healthy foods but are affordable. So wag ng magulat kung umastas KAMBING ako sa paglamon ng greens. #hahaha

Things are going great on my side, personally. But then there's the waiting period. I'm waiting for a panayam mula sa isang bagong kompanya na gusto akong kunin bilang events organizer. Isang malaking kompanya ito sa Brunei at lebel ng Smart Philippines. I'm waiting for a reply from a University for my PhD application.  I've submitted my application to some universities; some replied with positive feedback, while some haven't updated me. Between work and PhD, should I weigh both, I would say YES to a PhD if I'll be accepted with a scholarship. But only God knows where I should be in 2013. And so I'm really hoping for the best.

Perhaps, it's the waiting period that makes me think of the projects that I have in mind. I want to be more productive as I save and invest for my future.

On Saturday, I will be hosting UP Circle Brunei Induction of Officers and Members. I'm a member and officer as well of the said organization. What's more interesting, the event has a Hawaiian theme. As much as I want to get topless (ang kapal ng mukha and fats), in respect of others', I would go for a bonggang floral outfit.
Preparing for the event on Saturday!

I'm so excited about the event on Saturday. Comedy Bar and Talent show lang ang peg. Siguradong mapupuno ito ng kasiyahan. What's more, it's SUMMER- RAMPA! Pak na pak!

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