Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm weeks away from my vacation in the Philippines in May. But at the moment, feeling ko ay lutang pa rin ako. I'm not yet sure if I'll be really home on May because I haven't got my renewed passport. I went to the Philippine Embassy in Brunei two weeks ago. They told me that I'll be able to get my passport before April 21, the expiration date of my working pass. Once I get my passport, my boss will extend my working visa until December. Yes, you read it right. I plan to stay in the company until December only. I am very confident, as I'm claiming it, I'll start a PhD soon, either this year or on January 2013.

For now, let me veer away from thinking too much about work, research and my PhD Application. I'm just excited to go back in the Philippines in May. Read on.

Me, Papc, Gab, Jeron, Ate Charmaine, and Kuya (Ocean Park, 2011)
I have lots of things to look forward in May. First on my list is to attend my graduation at the University of the Philippines, Open University in UP Los Banos. As you all know, finally, after two years of hardwork and dedication, I completed my Masters in Development Communication. With that achievement, I'm celebrating my special day with my family. Ganon nga yata yon pag single ka and you don't have a jowa or some special someone, graduation could be considered a milestone instead of weddings and binyagans which karamihan ng pinagkakabusyhan ng mga friends ko. 

Apart from attending my graduation, I am excited to enjoy more time with my family. Two weeks ago, I started to look for beaches and resorts in the Philippines which my family could stay for 3 days and 2 nights. Positively, despite the sorry-sir-puno-na-kami-on-weekends, I found and booked a place in Bataan. In my mind, my family could to Zoobic Safari after our stay in Bataan. I already saw the resort and it's amazing. I hope the pictures would not disappoint my expectations.

The bakasyon in Bataan would be exclusive for my family. I want to spend time with Papc, Kuya, Jeron, Ate Charmaine and Baby Gab. Bongga rin kasi sagot ni Papc ang bakasyon sa Bataan. Yours truly will be in-charged for the food and gala. 

Two weeks ago, I printed my bakasyon schedule. Yes, umandar na naman ang pagka-OC at talagang gumawa ako ng itinerary. It details my schedule from morning til night. I even included in my planning the cost or budget that I'll be spending on May. At the moment, my priority to at least lessen some expenses, add some savings in my bank, and of course, check on the track of my investment.

What's interesting about my schedule, super nakadetalye ang mga taong ime-meet at lugar na pupuntahan. And I also have this priority list which guides and reminds me of my to-do list. Dental and eye check ups are the two most important (and pricey) must things to accomplish.

Meanwhile, speaking of investment, I am the type of person who would not buy gadgets for the sake of being "in." As my friend once told me, hirap kasi sa iba, makasabay lang, bumibili agad ng gadgets kahit hindi naman kailangan. As my friend was saying that, I can say that guilty rin ako at some point in my life especially when I was young, like 20s. With the money you earn at a young and carefree age, tendency is you buy things that you think are cool, bongga and a best representation of your personality. In my case, for the past years na nagbago na ang pananaw ko on money, since matipid nga ako, I only bought a laptop and a camera which I needed. Good thing, the gadgets that I bought four years ago are still in good condition. Mobile phone? I just changed two years ago and I don't have yet a plan to buy a new unit. What I'm targeting right now is an iPad which I can use for research and presentation in forthcoming conference (s).

As I was reflecting on how to reward myself, I guess a travel is more bongga.

Going back to my planning, my upcoming vacation would be different from the past as I'm putting more time with my family and "me" time. Well, apart from the scheduled shopping (as I really need new and cheap clothes dahil lumuwag na ang damit ko because of my fitness challenge), book hunting, and some lakwatsa with my siblings and cousins, I would want to travel and see places, kahit sa metro manila lang. Imagine, I've never been to Serendra. And the last time I was in Makati was a year ago. Ortigas? Oh well, four years ago. Since we live in Quezon City, madalas ay SM Fairview ang tambayan ko. And whenever I meet my friends, the farthest I can go is in Trinoma or SM North, The Block.

I tell you, a visit at Divisoria and Greenhills is a must whenever I take a vacation in the Philippines. I feel so empowered with the prices of the goods. A few dollars go a long way.

On one hand, although I'm thinking of giving in to some appetising treat, well, I'm trashing this idea. Sayang naman ang fitness challenge success ko if I'll just pig out. Of course, no rice pa rin. And I promise not to eat a lot of sweets. Sweets talaga ang weakness ko. But since I'm gonna be running my ROAD TO 65 Challenge on my vacation, hopefully I'll be on the right track of eating healthy and exercising.

Weeks to count and I'm gonna be home. I'm meeting some friends and I've set a meet-up with some new acquaintances, perhaps a date? Feeling naman. Hopefully, the weather will be good on May. Normally kasi maulan na pag Mayo. On top of that, I'm braising myself with the humidity in Metro Manila. Isama mo pa ang traffic.

I don't want to stress myself on this upcoming vacation. I would probably just be lazing around in our house or meet some friends, especially those friends na dapat kong i-meet pero di ko nameet on my previous uwi sa Pinas. Since I'm on a strict budget as well, things will be different. Why on a strict budget? Oh well, I have some bills to pay. Plus, I want to increase my savings and allot some on a future travel. I'll be in Thailand for a conference in October so I'll need money.

I'm still revising my itinerary for May, a reason why I haven't sent any invitation of meet-ups with my friends. But what's sure, hopefully, I'll be home again on May and my weekends will be allotted for my family.

Hello there, Philippines. Soon.

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