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When I (officially) received a notification that I'm on the list of graduating students for UP OU's graduating batch of 2012, I asked my father to possibly look for a place in Los Banos where we can stay for the duration of my 2-day commencement itinerary. Positively, an invitation letter from UP OU included a list of accommodations to choose from.

At first, I told my father to just check an accommodation inside UP Los Banos. In my mind, since I'll be the one to pay the fee, it's better to get a budget-friendly place.

Surprisingly, my father informed me that he already booked a place. And it's not in any dormitory or hostel of UP Los Banos. Yes, it's in Trace Suites.

So are you graduating at UP Open University and thinking to stay at Trace Suites? Read on.

My family checked in at Trace Suite on May 4, Friday. My father and brother directly dropped me off at UP OU headquarters in UP Los Banos and they immediately drove to Trace Suites to check in.

After a whole day at UP Open University Headquarters, I found myself relaxing at Trace Suites. The touted Luxury Hotel in Los Banos Laguna is around 10 minutes away or 100 tumblings away (just kidding) from UP Los Banos. What's more convenient, it's spared from road congestion. Disiplinado rin kasi ang mga drivers sa Los Banos.

When I arrived at Trace Suites on a Friday night, I said, "Wow! Ang ganda!" Actually, I didn't have any idea what are the amenities of Trace Suites. So when I stepped in the Hotel that is housed in the compound of Trace College, I was really impressed.

Trace Suite has a very relaxing vibe. The interiors are well-lighted. The floors are clean. And the interiors are designed with earth tones.

There are two buildings at Trace Suites: the main building and the newly-built east building. Our family stayed at the East Building.
The main building!

The East Building!

Our room was way big for us. It has two single beds and one queen size beds. The sheets are also comfy and the room is refreshing.
One Queen Size and One Single Bed!

Single Bed!

Our room has a vanity area which has (I like talaga) a blower!

What I love the most about our room is the toilet. It has two shower areas and two "to poo-poo" cubicles. It's all divided with glass panels.  The toilet has hot and warm shower. Apart from it, it has a big mirror.

The walk-in style toilet!


Where to sit and relax? lol

In the room, there's a television with cable and a fridge. By the way, there's a corkage fee if you'll bring in some food. Even chips and drinks will be charged.


Cute fridge!

There are also big wooden cabinets where you can shelf your clothes.

The room is fully airconditioned.

On one hand, although Trace Suites provides wi-fi, it's only accessed in the lobby. With this, I had to go out of my room, bring my laptop and go online in the lobby.

The Lobby in the Main Building. It has dining tables. Obviously, you can order food in this area.

Waiting area in the lobby

The reception desk

The lobby in the East Building:

In the main building lobby, pictures of celebrities who stayed at Trace are plastered on the wall.

Our family didn't eat at Trace Suites. We just went out and explored the appetizing offers of Los Banos. Oh well, we didn't actually try "Los Banos'" bests but we tried the buko pie, mer-nel's cake and ate at Dalcelio, which, for me, served a hefty and yummylicious New York Cheese Cake!

I loved our stay at Trace Suites because of the pool area. Whether it's night or morning, I lazed around in the warm and friendly pool.

Sige Papc, swim! hahaha!

Surprisingly, Trace Suites has three swimming areas. The first is the generic one where my brother and I swam. It's up to five feet. The second pool are is for diving. While the third one is the Trace Suites Sports and Aquatic Museum.

Apart from the pool, Trace suites has a training gym, a wall climb, and a basketball and volleyball court.

Below is the rates of Trace Suites which I got from their leaflet.

Trace Suites (Main)

Room Type
Published Rates
Off Season Rate 40% Discount (Mon – Wed) Or Local Residents Loyalty
Bed Type
Superior Room
Php 3,500
(Dep. 500)
(Dep. 500)
Two Single Beds
Deluxe Suite
Php 4,500
(Dep. 500)
Php 2,699
(Dep. 500)
One Queen Size Bed
Deluxe Room
Php 4,500
(Dep 500)
Php 2,799
(Dep. 500)
Three Single Beds

Trace Suites (East)

Room Type
Published Rates
Off Season Rate 40% Discount (Mon – Wed) Or Local Residents Loyalty
Bed Type
Deluxe Room
Php 5, 500
(Dep. 500)
Php 3,399
(Dep. 500)
One Queen Size bed
One Single Bed
One Roll-out Bed
Deluxe Suite
Php 6,000
(Dep. 500)
Php 4,599
(Dep. 500)
One Queen Size Bed
Two Single Beds
Two Roll-Out Beds
Executive Room
Php 5,000
(Dep. 500)
Php 3,699
(Dep. 500)
One King Size Bed

 Meanwhile, what I just didn't like about Trace Suites is their service. We stayed for three days and two nights and they didn't even change the glasses, towels and cleaned the room on times that we go out. I hope the management can improve on this aspect of their customer services.

Nevertheless, Trace Suite is a good place to stay if you'll be in Los Banos. It's clean, cozy and family-friendly.

Located at:

El Danda Street, Batong Malake, Los Banos, Laguna
Telefax: (049) 536-17 80/ 31 53 / 16 05

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  1. I have tried the serviced dormitory at the east wing.The service dormitory is not a good place to study. The front desk officer turns the lights off at around 10 pm in the lobby. What a joke. You can't also comfortably study at your room because of the warm lights. Have a lot of management issues. In my first months of stay the power in my room was cut off because of previous bills of my roommates (who I have never met yet) and the front desk officer refused to bring back the electricity without paying the previous bills of person I do not know who. Stressful dormitory. The dormitory is so far from the main gate and the heavy deliveries like water jug are so stressful to accomplish. The golf cart which is indicated in their website is not always available. It made deliveries swap among rooms. :/