Sunday, June 24, 2012


Blessed. That's the exact word to describe my life right now. 

For the past years, despite struggles in living away from my family and friends in the Philippines, I've always had joy from the simplest to the grandest surprises God has been showering me. Through the people I meet, I find strength. With day-by-day challenges, I am empowered. And with all the experiences, whether it's good or bad, I learn in abundance.

I've been in a crossroad in my life. Well actually, I'm still in that phase of my life right now. As much as I wanted to start a life in research and in a university, I can't yet. I'm undecided yet on where to start my academic sojourn. But what's promising, God has already blessed me with options to choose from.

A wide array of options is a blessing. And that's what I'm very grateful. Not just that, God has been surprising and literally showering me with  gifts over the past months.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It was in 2008 when I had the chance to go to Miri Malaysia. I was with my officemates and my two bosses for a company treat. While I enjoyed our stay in Malaysia as we had the privilege to dine in a seafood restaurant, walk around in the vibrant yet clean city of Miri, and went clubbing at night, my recent visit is far different and more relaxed (plus super enjoyable) from my previous escapade in Miri.

Last June 17, together with Elna and Jovert, Jill (Jovert's daughter) and Joshua (Jovert's nephew), I found myself in Miri Malaysia for the second time. Actually, the group planned the trip as part of my 30th birthday celebration. With Isra' Mi'raj on Sunday, it was declared holiday on the next day, the 18th of June (Monday and the actual day of my birthday), and so there's a looooong weekend to maximize.

From indulging in a plate of crispy pork, going gaga over shopping, starbucks-ing, and clubbing at night, my birthday and our trip was just absolutely ang saya saya!

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Friday, June 15, 2012


One of the best things I always enjoy whenever I go back to the Philippines for a vacation is to indulge myself in a sea of Filipino cuisine. And just recently, with a budget in mind, I chose to throw my graduation treat to my family and some close relatives at Congo Grille in Mall of Asia. Apart from celebrating the success of my recent graduation, it was also a special day to give thanks to all Moms as it's Mother's day.

Read on to check out the price and the bonggang bonggang Filipino cuisine that we really enjoyed!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Finally after three posts, I'm now on my last entry in chronicling our family adventure at Zoobic Safari.

In the past entries, what I enjoyed the most was the close encounter with a Tiger through riding a Safari Jeepney. I also loved the mini show and the ala-extra challenge activities. On top of that, I was delighted seeing my nephew engaged in bird feeding, a close encounter with a Camel, and pagpapadede some animals.

In this last entry, I will share to you one of the highlights of our trip. Yours truly teased and fed some bonggang bonggang hungry crocs. You read it right.

Wanna know more about this heart-stopping adventure? Read more, as in now na!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


In my two previous entries of my Zoobic Safari Adventure, I talked about our walk-through at Zoobic Park and Serpentarium. I also chronicled the entertaining Safari Show topped with an extra-challenge activity for the audience. This is the continuation of my Zoobic Safari Adventure.

So after the Safari show and awarding a prize to the brave volunteers in the ala-fear factor activity, everyone was asked to stand by and wait for the arrival of the tram. Our group, number 27, was called by Jessa, the tour guide, and we were asked to ride the zebra-designed vehicle.

As we relaxed in the tram, Jessa uttered via her megaphone that we'll be heading to the Forbidden and Zoobic Caves. Right after, we'll be riding a Safari Jeep for the Tiger Safari ride. On one hand, she added that we'll be visiting the cages of the Tigers.

Yours truly got excited. I told myself, "ito na yung inaabangan kong close encounter sa Tiger na nakita ko nga sa movie."

The tram moved and we anticipated the unfolding of more adventures at Zoobic Safari. Read to know more about our close encounters with Zoobic's fierce creatures!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


After our tour at Zoobic Park and Serpentarium, everyone was asked to stay and sit on the bench. We were advised that we will watch a short performance in one of the Pavillions.

I was so thirsty after our walk through at Zoobic Park and Serpentarium. Good thing, I brought a bottled water. Unfortunately, by the time we reached the sitting area for the performance, I already finished my water. So while waiting for the show to start, I bought a bottled water. Plus, to ward off the intensive summer heat, I bought an ice cream and ate it. At almost 1 in the afternoon, the only food that we had was the (at least) heavy breakfast at Coral View Beach Resort and some biscuits. Pero dahil na-excite kami at walang tigil ang tour, di na napansin pa ang gutom.

Soon, the show started. Now let me share to you the exciting and enjoyable show that's presented by the performers of Zoobic Safari. I recorded some videos which you can view.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


One of the activities (unplanned) that I enjoyed during my three weeks vacation in the Philippines last May is our tour at Zoobic Safari. Since my family and I went to Coral View Beach Resort (which I will blog on a separate entry) and the resort was in Bataan (Subic was on the way), we opted to drop by at Zoobic Safari.

Our Zoobic Safari experience was truly enjoyable. Apart from watching some jungle safari shows and riding the tram to visit more than five stations, which include a museum and zoo, the tour package was filled with interactive and heart-pumping activities. Seriously, I felt that we lost lots of body fats as we walked, rode the tram, went down, rode the safari jeep, walked again, interacted with animals, and walked, and walked endlessly. And we seriously forgot to eat our lunch as everything went spontaneously.

So if you're thinking to bring the whole family at Zoobic Safari, let me detail to you what are the stream of activities that you and your family should not miss to enjoy at Zoobic Safari.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


When my family and I went to Los Banos Laguna for my UP OU graduation, even though I was on a strict (strict-strictan ever) diet, I promised myself that I won't leave Los Banos without bringing home the talk of the town pasalubongs Lety's Buko Pie and Mer-nels Chocolate cake.

So despite my busy schedule, I asked my family to help me look for Lety's Buko pie and Mer-nels chocolate cake. Finally, after hours of pie and cake hunting, we found both stores. Lety's shop was situated near Dalcielio, where we ate for lunch on 5 May, and Mer-nels shop was across a shopping complex that's being constructed near UP Los Banos.

What's my comment on the truly mouth-watering and delightful sweet treats? Wanna know where to find both shops and the price range? Read on.

Friday, June 1, 2012


One sunny day in Los Banos, my family and I were on the loose to find a nearby restaurant where we can dine in. Since we decided not to go for fastfood, we stretched our patience as our hunger raged and searched for restaurants that serve homecooked meals.

Earlier, my father and I were in the pool and we asked a girl on what restaurants that are near in Los Banos that she can recommend. The girl said that we better check out Dalcielo as the food is really delicious.

Soon, on the road, as signage of Jollibee and Mang Inasal flashed in one corner of the street, which is near where we stay, I glued my 100% attention on looking for Dalcielo.

Spotted, on our way to UP Los Banos, we saw a green, refreshing and cozy restaurant. Yes, it's Dalcielo. Unimaginably, it's just five minutes away from Trace Suites.

Let me share to you our wonderful dining experience at Dalcielo.