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It was in 2008 when I had the chance to go to Miri Malaysia. I was with my officemates and my two bosses for a company treat. While I enjoyed our stay in Malaysia as we had the privilege to dine in a seafood restaurant, walk around in the vibrant yet clean city of Miri, and went clubbing at night, my recent visit is far different and more relaxed (plus super enjoyable) from my previous escapade in Miri.

Last June 17, together with Elna and Jovert, Jill (Jovert's daughter) and Joshua (Jovert's nephew), I found myself in Miri Malaysia for the second time. Actually, the group planned the trip as part of my 30th birthday celebration. With Isra' Mi'raj on Sunday, it was declared holiday on the next day, the 18th of June (Monday and the actual day of my birthday), and so there's a looooong weekend to maximize.

From indulging in a plate of crispy pork, going gaga over shopping, starbucks-ing, and clubbing at night, my birthday and our trip was just absolutely ang saya saya!

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Two weeks ago, my friends and I talked about our plan to go to Miri Malaysia. My friends have been to Miri for many times already. It's just a two hour drive from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Yours truly have been to Miri, uhm, okay, once. So when the suggestion of going there materialized and was eventually agreed upon, I jumped for joy. I was also ecstatic because we're going to celebrate my birthday in Malaysia. What's more, we'll go for some live band and some clubbing.

June 17 came and we all went to Miri Malaysia. Jovert drove while Elna took care of our accommodation. We decided to go to Miri on 17 and planned to be back in Brunei on the 18th.

We left Brunei in the afternoon of June 17. We had to wait for Elna as she attended a mass at naganak sa binyag. By 1:00, we left Brunei.

With Jovert's skills, our prayers, Elna's bonggang bonggang halakhak and my loads of my chika and pangookray, we reached Miri at around 3:30. It's just in time for the check in time of 3 in the afternoon.

But prior to reaching Miri, while we're on the road, mukha lang kaming ewan. We were talking about road accidents. Tama ba naman magusap ng mga disgrasya habang nasa sasakyan kami?

Elna booked our hotel when we were still in Brunei. Since she knew that there Miri will be packed with people, mostly Bruneians, she started booking days before Sunday. Luckily, through a call, she got us one unit (apartment style).

Joshua, Jovert and Jill

Elna and Me!

We stayed in Imperial Apartments. It's a cozy yet elegant apartment style of hotel that's situated beside a mall called Imperial Mall. Our room had a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and one common toilet.

Right after reaching the hotel, checking in and resting for a while, we all went down to check the nearby mall and exchanged our Brunei dollars for Malaysian Ringgit. One Brunei dollar is equivalent to 2.46 Malaysian Ringgit.

The group decided to walk apart, to purchases whatever each one likes. We just agreed to meet in the mall's lobby by 6 pm.

I followed Elna and we went to the Men's section of Imperial Mall's Department Store. Yours truly ended up buying a shorts and one white polo. Meanwhile, Elna bought some shirt for her mahal.

After some stroll in the mall which slowly ignited my "shopaholic" self, we went to Ming Cafe to have our early dinner. We ordered a fish, some veggies, drinks, and yes, CRISPY PORK! I treated the group. Yes, simula na ng selebrasyon ko sa pasalubong na pag-30!

Elna and Me on Miri's sidewalk!


Super Yummy na Tacos!



Crispy Pata!

At Ming Cafe, I enjoyed my Ming Special Milk Tea. And of course, winner ang crispy pata.

After our dinner at Ming Restaurant, we went back to the hotel.

In the hotel, I found out that I need an adaptor and so I asked Elna to join me back in the mall.

Gaaaawd. Elna and I ended up shopping for more at Boulevard Hypermart. I bought some CDs and some items as gift prizes for my upcoming birthday party in Brunei. Meanwhile, Elna also splurged some money on items as gifts.

After an hour or two, we went back to the hotel and rested for a while. Then we started preparing for our gimik.

That night, we went to Cherrie Berries in Miri Malaysia. My officemate told me that it's a bar with a live band and where you can dance. So we opted to go in Cherrie Berries.

Jaw-dropping. That's the word to describe the band who's performing in Cherrie Berries. I am very proud to say that the band... a Filipino Band! From classics to contemporary hits, they just sang it soooo well. Impressive. Super parang nasa Pilipinas lang kami during the performances ng banda.

We were even impressed when the vocalist sang "Listen" by Beyonce and a Whitney Houston medley. Check out the video of the band's "Whitney Houston Medley."

On another note, the band invited the guests to dance as they hit the stage with upbeat songs! Having said this, yours truly and Elna danced nang bonggang bongga. Grabe ang saya sumayaw! Hataw talaga!
Pawis kung Pawis!

During our stay in the bar, super saya dahil winelcome talaga ang birthday ko. Together with two more celebrants, the band sang a super jolly Happy Birthday song. Bongga pa because the band asked us to go on stage para painumin ng alak. hahaha. Thank God, red wine ang inorder ko. 

By 2 am, we left (dahil hanggang 2 lang din ang bar) and went back to the hotel.

The next day, Elna treated me and Jovert for breakfast in 2020 Cafe. We haaaaad (super dami) dimsum festival!

Shorts kung shorts ako!

After breakfast, we went back to the hotel. Elna went shopping. I followed Joshua for swimming and Jovert slept.

By 1 pm, we were all ready for check out.

After check out, we went to Parkson Mall. There, we had lunch at Sushi King in Bintang Plaza. Pagkatapos ng kainan at chismisan, everyone went for shopping.

We just met at 5 in Starbucks. Late-latan ako dahil sa pagkahumaling sa pagsusukat ng damit na di naman bumili dahil di maganda ang fit. Ending, I just bought one Murakami book entitled "1984." On the side, I also purchased a Black forest Cake from Secret Recipe.

Finally, matapos ang dalawang oras, were back in Brunei. Siempre diretso agad kina Jovert to eat the cake that I bought. Since we're all tired, uwian na rin agad.

Indeed, my 30th birthday celebration was memorable. Super saya, super ingay at super unforgettable. Thank you Lord for the blessings!

Now, I have to prepare for my Glamorous Geek Theme Party on Friday! Wohoo!

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