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When my family and I went to Los Banos Laguna for my UP OU graduation, even though I was on a strict (strict-strictan ever) diet, I promised myself that I won't leave Los Banos without bringing home the talk of the town pasalubongs Lety's Buko Pie and Mer-nels Chocolate cake.

So despite my busy schedule, I asked my family to help me look for Lety's Buko pie and Mer-nels chocolate cake. Finally, after hours of pie and cake hunting, we found both stores. Lety's shop was situated near Dalcielio, where we ate for lunch on 5 May, and Mer-nels shop was across a shopping complex that's being constructed near UP Los Banos.

What's my comment on the truly mouth-watering and delightful sweet treats? Wanna know where to find both shops and the price range? Read on.

Lety's Buko pie was easy to spot on the road. Apart from it's big signage with colorful yellow hue, the stall had a good location. And you'll not miss it as its surrounded with buyers.
Lety's Buko Pie stall

So when I spotted the stall, we stopped by and we bonggang bonggang shopped for a buko pie (Php 150). We got four - one in the house, one for my brother's girlfriend, one as a gift for the family of my brother's wife, and one for me, which I thought I can share withmy friends on a meet up but ended up being devoured in our house.

Busy si papc sa pagbabayad!

The buko pie was the only product that I had in mind. Surprisingly, I craved for Espasol (Php 95). Instantly, I bought one box after seeing Lety's espasol.

What I loved about Lety's Buko pie is that it's not that sweet and it's packed with buko. What's more, it's truly enjoyable because of it's warm kick. Parang bagong luto pa talaga. 

The espasol was soooo yummy. It's packed with bits of buco and it's not messy to eat as it's not that covered with bonggang bonggang powder. Then I thought na parang may cheese yung loob. Sarap grabe.

After buying Lety's Buko pie, the next food hunt was Mer-nel's chocolate cake.

With minutes of driving and asking people, I was running out of patience on looking for the shop. I was on the verge of quitting. Since we're not familiar in Los Banos, we're just lost. Positively, we found it!

The moment I went off the car with my father, we bought two medium chocolate cakes (Php 180 each); one for our family and one as a birthday gift.

As I was waiting for the cashier to give me my change, I enjoyed delighting my senses with the colourful and yummylicious cakes of Mer-nels.


Cake decors!

More cakes!

Red Box!

Soon, we found ourselves on our way home.

When we reached home (in FARview), I immediately unwrapped Mer-nel's heart-shaped chocolate cake. I had my first bite and was followed with more bites. Yes, sweetness exploded in my mouth that I screamed, "Nakakaloka ang sarap!" As in sa sobrang sarap nung cake, sunod sunod ako ng subo. Nakalimutan ko rin ang diet ko.  

So, if you'll be in Los Banos, check out Lety's Buko Pie and Mer-nels Chocolate cake. Surely you'll get a bonggang value with your money.

Lety's Buko Pie
Agapita (near Plaza Agapira), Lopez Avenue, Los Banos Laguna

Mernels Cake:Telephone Number: (049) 536- 11 45/ (049) 536 - 45 44
Located at 10438 Lopez Ave., Los Banos, Laguna

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