Friday, June 15, 2012


One of the best things I always enjoy whenever I go back to the Philippines for a vacation is to indulge myself in a sea of Filipino cuisine. And just recently, with a budget in mind, I chose to throw my graduation treat to my family and some close relatives at Congo Grille in Mall of Asia. Apart from celebrating the success of my recent graduation, it was also a special day to give thanks to all Moms as it's Mother's day.

Read on to check out the price and the bonggang bonggang Filipino cuisine that we really enjoyed!

I initially planned to throw a graduation party with my family and friends. Weeks before my arrival in the Philippines, I religiously checked some restaurants and popular party places in Manila.

Apparently, with a tight budget, I realized that it's not practical to spend so much money on partying. Although in my mind I was saying: "minsan lang naman grumaduate and MA pa!" I stood firm with my decision to just treat some of my friends and tag along my family and selected relatives to a lunch treat.
In one afternoon I surfed online and checked out some restaurants that offer Filipino cuisine. As an Overseas Filipino Worker, delighting oneself with Filipino dishes overseas has always been a rare experience. So, I promised myself na kapag umuwi ako sa Pilipinas is to go for Filipino delights.

At the end of calling some restaurants, I was able to book 20 packs at Congo Grille. I also checked on the food package and it's menu.
The whole gang!

I knew that I had to book a reservation because Mother's day celebration will surely fill all restaurants all over the metro. Good thing I did that. Pagdating sa Mall of Asia, hello super daming tao!

Now, here's the exciting part. The food was served and I was sooooo natuwa. Apart from its big serving, super nakakatakam talaga. On top of that, I was surprised (ignoramus level) to see the Iced tea tower. It's something unique and efficient for everyone without bugging the waiter on refills.

I ordered two sets for my family and my relatives. The first set costs 3,800 and the other set costs
3,300. Should I convert this to Brunei dollars, one set would only cost 100 dollars. I tell you, mura na yan na kumpara sa Brunei na mahal ang pagkain. One thing more, you really get bonggang bonggang value with your purchases.

For the first set, it has ensaladang mangga, pansit molo soup, chicken in pandan leaves, beef kare-kare, calamares, pinakbet, crispy pata, 10 plain rice, two iced tea towers, and 10 ice creams.

Pansit molo soup

Chicken in Pandan Leaves!


The second set has oriental spring rolls, pansit molo soup, tuna belly, beef kare-kare, chicken sisig, congo bagnet, 10 plain rice, two tower iced tea, and 10 leche flans.
Spring rolls


Crispy Pata!

Tuna Belly



On the side, I added one chopseuy (Php 145), Two Lechon Kawali (Php 220 each), and Kuhol with Kangkong sa Gata (Php 290). My brother added one bucket of San Mig (Php 210).

Lechon Kawali!

Kuhol with Kangkong sa gata!
Our guest priest brought a bottle of wine. Hence, we had a toast before "devouring" the scrumptious dishes!

Father and Papc!

Cheers! Now, nanakam tuloy ako sa Pagkaing Pinoy! =)

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