Wednesday, June 6, 2012


One of the activities (unplanned) that I enjoyed during my three weeks vacation in the Philippines last May is our tour at Zoobic Safari. Since my family and I went to Coral View Beach Resort (which I will blog on a separate entry) and the resort was in Bataan (Subic was on the way), we opted to drop by at Zoobic Safari.

Our Zoobic Safari experience was truly enjoyable. Apart from watching some jungle safari shows and riding the tram to visit more than five stations, which include a museum and zoo, the tour package was filled with interactive and heart-pumping activities. Seriously, I felt that we lost lots of body fats as we walked, rode the tram, went down, rode the safari jeep, walked again, interacted with animals, and walked, and walked endlessly. And we seriously forgot to eat our lunch as everything went spontaneously.

So if you're thinking to bring the whole family at Zoobic Safari, let me detail to you what are the stream of activities that you and your family should not miss to enjoy at Zoobic Safari.

It was  pass 12 when my family and I checked out at Coral View Beach Resort in Morong Bataan. After some picture taking in some green spots of the resort and settling the bill, we drove down to Manila.

On our way in Subic, we found a signage of Zoobic Safari. Although initially on our way to Coral View Beach resort we already saw the signage, it was only on our way home that we thought of going to Zoobic Safari. Apart from our curiosity, Ate Charmaine, the wife of my brother, wanted to bring Gab, my nephew, to experience Zoobic Safari.

Without further debates, we found ourselves looking for a parking in Zoobic Safari.

 Subic was just packed with lots of trees that I came to a point on recalling Brunei's green surrounding; The road was clean; there's no traffic; and surprisingly there's fresh air.

When we reached Zoobic Safari, we had a hard time looking for a parking space. Obviously, at around 2 pm, the place was already packed with excited customers. So, with a few rounds looking for a parking space, we just decided to park somewhere and walk.
Me, Kuya, Gab and Ate Charmaine!
Me, Papa, Gab and Ate Charmaine

In the reception area, ate Charmaine paid the fees. She treated us. Priced at 495 per adult, she only paid 396. She had some coupons with twenty percent discount. My father got also a discount with his senior citizen ID, which he never misses to bring and present at any counter on his purchases. My nephew was below 3 ft and so he's free of charge.

On our way to the Pavillion, two creatures (creatures talaga teh?) caught my attention. As I was with my nephew, we went closer to the "two creatures," it's a camel and a snake. Apart from being so happy to see my nephew's eyes popped out because of pagkagulat, I was also animal-struck with the big size yet malambing moves of the camel. Then I saw a signage saying that we can actually have a picture with the animal only if we'll pay a fee. In the end, we opted to head down to the pavillion. We're more excited with the tour.

Speaking of excitement, I kept on saying, "naku, gustong gusto ko ma-experience yung Tiger Safari Ride. Napanuod ko kasi sa pelikulang "Enteng ng Ina mo" na super lumapit yung tiger sa sasakyan then pinakain ng something." With that, we all went excited nang bongga na. Below is a sneak preview of a Safari Jeep which is being attacked by a Tiger.

A Tiger on the Safari Jeep!
 When we got in the Pavillion, we were asked to have a photo session. On our background was a chroma wall and after the photo shoot, a jungle background would be placed in the chroma. Unbelievably, the picture cost 250 pesos. Although my father was saying "Ang mahal," I still bought the pictures. Siempre souvenir din yon at balak kong dalhin sa Brunei.

 Before going on tour, we took the opportunity to take pictures. In the pavillion, there's a map, a mini stage, and the souvenir shop. There was also a tiger where one can have a photo with. In my case, too bad, I thought that the tiger will still be there after our tour, I opted to postpone my photo session with it. I didn't also bother asking on the schedule. Unfortunately, when I got back after the tour, the tiger was already back in its cage.I found out that the photo session is only until 4 pm.
Gab and me!

Gab, me and Papa!
Kuya, Gab and Ate Charmaine!

I like the lanterns!

The map

Sleepy Tiger
In the Pavillion, there was a short briefing on the tour. Jessa, the tour guide, explained that the tour will last for two hours and a half. She also added to never touch the animals because it's dangerous or feed them without being allowed to. By the way, there's a fee on feeding the animals.

 Soon, the tour started. Out first part of the tour was the Walk-through at the Zoobic Park, Rodent World and Serpentarium. In the Zoobic Park, we saw various kinds of animals.

Just to give you a preview, the tour was divided into two parts. The first part was the walk thru at the Zoobic Park, Rodent World and Serpentarium. After these, everyone will be treated for a short Safari themed musical. Then there will be the second part of the tour which was primarily a drive-thru in 8 attractions namely Forbidden/ Zoobic Caves, Tiger Safari Ride, Close Encounter, Savannah, Animal MuZooem, Aeta's Trail, Hip-hop-Bay-A-Walk, and the Croco Loco.

In the Zoovatar, the tour guide was energetic in sharing information about the animals. But what's more interesting, there was a portion of the tour that kids get to interact with some animals.

My nephew had the chance to feed some birds, get to be wowed by the camel, and milk feed. Sosyal nung gatas, COWHEAD ang brand.
Feeding the bird!

My nephew was in awe!

Isnaberong Camel!

Milk Feeding!

During the walk thru, there were some information that I got interested in. First, the tour guide mentioned the Palm Civet Cat or "musang" produces the most expensive coffee in world, the Alamid Coffee, which is popular in the Philippines, while it's called "Kopi Luwak" in Indonesia. The Palm Civet Cat, a nocturnal mammal, eats ripe coffee beans and yes, produces the intact "warm" beans in the feces. Sounds kadire pero yan ang pinakamahal na kape sa mundo! Kaloka!

Jessa, the tour guide, shares information about the animals!

Second is when the tour guide mentioned about the Cassowary. According to Jessa, the Cassowary is the world's most dangerous bird that it can actually break your bones if it hits you. Read more (CLICK)
Deadly Bird!
As we walked thru, the tour guide mentioned that the animals in the Zoovatar are now for sale. Since the animals have been with them for more than four years now, the management is now planning to import new and young set of animals.

On our tour, I was surprised that we didn't get in Rodent World. During that time, the area was closed. So, we immediately went to the Serpentarium.

In the Serpentarium, obviously we saw lots of snakes and reptiles. And since I was bonggang pawis na pawis dahil sa kakalakad at init ng panahon, I was uncomfortable with taking lots of pictures. In the end, I just walked fast and waited outside the hall.

After our walk thru at the Zoobic Park and Serpentarium, everyone was treated with a Safari themed show. Also there were some exciting games.

To be continued...

Zoobic Safari
Telefax: (047) 252 2272/ 0939.279.1111

Operation Hours
8 am to 4 pm everyday including weekends and Holidays
Animal Shows: Weekends & Holidays (10:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 3 pm)

Adult: 495 discount 20%
Senior Citizen with ID: 398
Kids 4 ft and below: 395
Kids 3 ft and below: free