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After our tour at Zoobic Park and Serpentarium, everyone was asked to stay and sit on the bench. We were advised that we will watch a short performance in one of the Pavillions.

I was so thirsty after our walk through at Zoobic Park and Serpentarium. Good thing, I brought a bottled water. Unfortunately, by the time we reached the sitting area for the performance, I already finished my water. So while waiting for the show to start, I bought a bottled water. Plus, to ward off the intensive summer heat, I bought an ice cream and ate it. At almost 1 in the afternoon, the only food that we had was the (at least) heavy breakfast at Coral View Beach Resort and some biscuits. Pero dahil na-excite kami at walang tigil ang tour, di na napansin pa ang gutom.

Soon, the show started. Now let me share to you the exciting and enjoyable show that's presented by the performers of Zoobic Safari. I recorded some videos which you can view.

The safari show was about the love story of Tarzan and Jane. The plot was very simple: Jane came in the Jungle, she met Tarzan and they fell in love with each other. As a conflict of the story, Jane was kidnapped by some hunters (pegged as Zoobic Safari people) and trained her to be a jungle advocate and eventually into a tour guide. In the end, the story didn't have a resolution. Although Tarzan and Jane loved each other, Jane chose to become a tour guide or jungle advocate at Zoobic Safari.

During the 30 minute show, I was delighted with the performances. Obviously the show was made for kids, but adults would also be able to appreciate the show. Well trained animals such as pigs, rats and even cats ran on stage in sync with the music. Also, birds fly from one point to the stage. And what's even cute was when the pig (with a voice over) talked to Tarzan.

Don't expect a hunk type of Tarzan or some uber sexy Jane. I can say that the Tarzan and Jane of the show performed well. They're into character. And they can even sing (not recorded).

What I didn't like about the show was when two Aetas were captured and put behind bars. In my understanding of the plot, the jungle was colonized and was planned to being transformed into a park. Of course this wasn't highlighted during the show as the Aetas were placed on the leftmost part of the stage but it's basically a subtext in a portion of the show. But of course everyone's attention was on the showcase of running and quirky animals. Umiiral lang talaga ang critical thinking pag nanunuod ng mga "entertaining" shows.

The show opened with an interpretative dance of animals (humans in costumes). Eventually, Tarzan came out. And soon, different animals went on stage to do their whimsical parade. Jane also went on stage and soon transformed into a jungle advocate or a tour guide.

The Opening of the Show:

The talking pig: (voice over provided)

After the show, Jane went on stage to engage the audience in a line-up of challenges. As Jane asked for volunteers, the audience got excited.

In the first part of the challenge, two kids were asked to volunteer. As the kids went on stage and stood, two stage assistants walked in with two little creatures on hand. Yes! The two kids were asked to hold small snakes.

Yours truly was surprised with the challenge. Kahit ako, hindi mo ako magbubuhat ng ahas. Malay ko ba kung bigla akong tuklawin. And so I was impressed with the kids. They hold the snake with bonggang bonggang courage!

Two Kids and Two Small Snakes:

After the two kids, three kids were asked to volunteer. This time, the kids were asked to hold baby alligators.

As I was watching the kids on stage, I recalled my encounter with baby alligators in Palawan. I was taking pictures of a group of baby alligators (super palapit ang kamay ko sa mga alligators) when one alligator jumped and almost bite my hand. It was a traumatic experience for me (although the tour guide told us not to go near in taking pictures of the alligators).  Thank God at di ako nakagat.

Three Kids with Baby Alligators

Not just kids were treated to a challenge. Even adults joined in the fun. This time a guy was asked to hold a bonggang bonggang Iguana.

One thing came in my mind as the Iguana popped out on stage: Monster!!!! Ang laki laki kasi. Yung iguana sa glass cage eh acceptable pa. Pero that size, OMG naman! 

A man with an Iguana:

Lastly, three moms went on stage only to find out that they'll be holding a long, fat and bonggang bonggang long snake.

Actually, I got a feel of the snake's body when the staff passed by in front of me with the snake on their hands. Di ko alam na yon pala ang ahas na ilalabas sa show. Since I was so intrigued with a snake's body, I immediately touched it. In all fairness, parang bag lang. hahaha

Three Moms with a loooooong snake!

With all the screaming and excitement among the audience who came from different parts of the Philippines and the world (Balikbayans), a final and energetic dance capped off the show. The casts danced to the beat of the Madagascar's popularized song "I like to move it."

Meanwhile, all challengers were given some discount coupons as a prize. But of course the real deal or prize in doing the challenge was to conquer one's fear and get close with jungle's treasured creatures.

Dance number from the Show's Cast:

After the show, Jessa, our tour guide asked everyone to stand by. Soon, we rode the tram and we're up for our next stop over.

The Zebra-themed Tram

Kuya, Papc, me and Ate Charmaine!
Gab, Kuya and Ate!

To be continued...

Our next stop: The Forbidden/ Zoobic Cave and more!

My new bestfriend in the cave!

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