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In my two previous entries of my Zoobic Safari Adventure, I talked about our walk-through at Zoobic Park and Serpentarium. I also chronicled the entertaining Safari Show topped with an extra-challenge activity for the audience. This is the continuation of my Zoobic Safari Adventure.

So after the Safari show and awarding a prize to the brave volunteers in the ala-fear factor activity, everyone was asked to stand by and wait for the arrival of the tram. Our group, number 27, was called by Jessa, the tour guide, and we were asked to ride the zebra-designed vehicle.

As we relaxed in the tram, Jessa uttered via her megaphone that we'll be heading to the Forbidden and Zoobic Caves. Right after, we'll be riding a Safari Jeep for the Tiger Safari ride. On one hand, she added that we'll be visiting the cages of the Tigers.

Yours truly got excited. I told myself, "ito na yung inaabangan kong close encounter sa Tiger na nakita ko nga sa movie."

The tram moved and we anticipated the unfolding of more adventures at Zoobic Safari. Read to know more about our close encounters with Zoobic's fierce creatures!

Our first stop with the Tram was the Forbidden Cave. Inside the cave, various creatures welcomed us. Unfortunately, since we felt uncomfortable with the heat, we just walked fast and aimed to go to the other cave.

After 15 minutes of walk-through inside the Forbidden cave, we moved to the Zoobic Cave where exotic animals were housed. What's interesting was the design of the caves which somehow captured the real jungle ambiance.

My family and I had some quick snapshots inside the cave which had a hanging bridge.

Right after our short tour in the two caves, we headed down to the Tiger Safari Ride waiting area.

Once we're all gathered, Jessa informed our group that three families will share a Safari Jeepney. In the end, a big group got one jeepney and our family shared with two more.

To attract the Tiger in the Safari Ride adventure, we were told (and encouraged) to purchase from the staff a half chicken to feed the Tiger. The cost of the chicken was divided among the group in the assigned safari jeep.
Briefing again

The Safari Jeep!
 Inside the vehicle, we all got ecstatic. Actually, there's a photographer inside who'll take pictures of each group before the jeep start moving. The picture can be purchased at the waiting area after the tour. Unfortunately, we didn't see our photo in the waiting area. We were in a hurry then so we just left.

The jeepney was covered with metal. Of course. Sino ba naman ang gustong malapa ng Tigre. Meanwhile, an expert was with us to feed the Tiger.

The moment the Jeep moved in the Tiger Safari area, I felt a sudden rush of nervousness especially when I saw one jeep was with a Tiger.

As soon as we found a Tiger that's bonggang bonggang naliligo sa tubigan, the guy in our vehicle called the Tiger and waved the chicken.

The tiger came close and started to devour the food. I was just amazed. Super lapit din talaga nung Tiger na para bang pag inilabas mo daliri mo sa butas nung bakal eh makakain.

Together with my nephew and my family, we all watched the hungry animal.

Although the guy inside threw the remaining portion of the chicken on our roof as to get the Tiger on top, it was ineffective. Perhaps the tiger didn't see the chicken. Unless may gustong bumaba at ipakita yung manok. Or puede ring kung sino gusto mag-suicide eh gumora. 

The tiger went back to the mini pool and dumedma na.


On our way out, we saw more Tigers walking around or busy engaging with a safari jeep that extends food.

As soon we reached the base or waiting area, hunger kicked in. So we bought a hotdog with a bread and some drinks. Buti naman at nalagyan ulit ng energy. 

Since it was so hot that day, we brought lots of water to avoid dehydration.

Our encounter with Tigers didn't end in the Safari ride. We also visited Close encounter which housed more tigers but in cages.

Guess what, because of my curiosity, I touched the tail of one of the Tigers. Matigas ulo at panakaw kong "hinipuan" yung Tiger. Grabe yung skin nila mejo matigas. Actually, matigas talaga.

2 feet nga di ba?

After 15 minutes, we finished the walk-through at Close Encounter. We moved fast as well as ang panghi. One thing more, we're afraid that the Tiger might ihe to us. Good thing, the Tigers (most of them) were sleeping or lethargic when we had our visit.

Up next: Savannah, Animal MuZOOem, Aeta's Trail, Hip-Hop-Bay-A-Walk, and the Croco Loco.

Croc Feeding!

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