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Finally after three posts, I'm now on my last entry in chronicling our family adventure at Zoobic Safari.

In the past entries, what I enjoyed the most was the close encounter with a Tiger through riding a Safari Jeepney. I also loved the mini show and the ala-extra challenge activities. On top of that, I was delighted seeing my nephew engaged in bird feeding, a close encounter with a Camel, and pagpapadede some animals.

In this last entry, I will share to you one of the highlights of our trip. Yours truly teased and fed some bonggang bonggang hungry crocs. You read it right.

Wanna know more about this heart-stopping adventure? Read more, as in now na!

"What a long and tiring day!" That's what I said when we sat back in the Tram. On a positive side, despite the endless walking and interaction with animals at Zoobic Safari, we still enjoyed the tour. At least, we got to had a close encounter with a Tiger and we were exposed to the beauty of the jungle in Subic.

Jessa, our tour guide, soon announced that we have four more stop overs to visit: Savannah, Animal MuZOOeum, Aeta's Trail, and the Croco Loco.

For the Savannah, we didn't have to stop and walk around. We just stayed in the Tram and viewed a stretch of different animal barns.

What's interesting was when we saw an Ostrich on the road. The Tram had to slow down so everyone could get a close encounter with it.

I was amazed yet got scared (a bit). The Ostrich was (surprisingly) big and I felt that it will hit me with its beak anytime. Thank God, the Ostrich was just nagpapansin. Mukhang alam din nito na kukunan siya ng picture.

After minutes of drive-through at Savannah, we reached the Animal MuZOOem. In the MuZOOem, we basically saw the relics of the animals.

Nagmukha na akong relic sa pagka-haggard!

Moving on, we went to the Aeta's Trail. One of the highlights in the trail was the performances of the Aetas. The performance depicted the dragonfly dance and a fight ritual.

Papc was trying the Hip-a-hop-block!

The Dragonfly Dance

The Fight Ritual

After watching the Aeta's performance, we all headed to Croco Loco. Packed with crocodiles, Croco Loco gave me the chance to feed crocodiles nang bonggang bongga.

I paid 50 pesos for a small portion of chicken meat. The meat was placed in a fish bait. 

I started teasing the crocodiles with the bait. Soon, the crocodiles move to the direction of the meat. One, two, three and more came and their heads were all ready to eat the small piece of meat.

As I hang the chicken meat, there was also a dancer on  a rope. Dressed like a chicken, the dancer danced on a rope (with harness of course). Ang nakakaloka lang eh ang lubid na kinatutuntungan nung dancer ay nasa ibabaw lang ng mga buwaya. Don't worry at mataas naman. Kaya lang pagnapatid ang lubid at di gumana ang harness eh diretsong magiging pagkain ang dancer ng mga buwaya.

After minutes of a playful encounter with the crocodiles and feeling tired, I gave the chicken to the smaller crocodile. Feeling ko kasi ay kailangan nito ng pagkain. Me ganon pa?

After the Croco Loco stopover, we all rode back in the Tram and headed down to the waiting area.

Back in the Pavillion, we checked on some souvenir items. As much as I wanted to purchase some stuff toys, I didn't. Inisip ko kasing mahirap dalhin sa bagahe. 

Wanted to buy one of these!

Bought a Sando for myself. Tiger print para bongga! Rawr!


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