Monday, July 2, 2012


Finally after weeks of bonggang bonggang contemplation eh I've put myself to another challenge. This time, I'll call it the Road to 65 Fitness Challenge.

Actually, I already thought of my challenge before I went back to the Philippines last May. Obviously, with all the scheduled gala, kainan, and tambay with friends and food tripping with my family, hindi ko kakayanin ang challenge. OA naman kung mag-diet habang nagbabakasyon. On one hand, I exercised everyday when I was in the Philippines. As in araw-araw.

Now that I'm in for another challenge, mejo naluluha ako. Naluluha talaga, kuya? Yes! True! Correct. That's because nakakaluha ang challenges na pagdadaanan. Okay, that's OA na! hahahaha! Well, hindi naman ako pahirap sa sarili ko so walang magaganap na pagbubuhat ng truck, pagtakbo ng sampung oras, o kaya ay pag-akyat ng beinteng bundok. I'm still on a proper and let's say madisiplinang program. Eat healthy and exercise everyday are the two most important element in this challenge.

Read on to know more.

Yesterday was my first day in my Road to 65 Fitness Challenge. Actually, I just realized last week that I've been eating terribly. I felt that I'm naitulak sa bangin ng paglamon. Although I still exercise, I've realized that I have to bring back the discipline I had when I was doing my 30-Day Fitness Challenge.

So what makes my Road to 65 Fitness challenge different? As you all know, since nakapagloose na ako ng 6 kilos or 13.2 lbs, meaning I'm now 69 Kg, need ko na lang to loose four kilos. That's because 65Kg is the ideal weight for me. Yey na yey ba? Sana ma-achieve ko ang healthyness.

Meanwhile, I'm not that uber conscious with my weight. For me, what's important is the fit of my clothes and my breathing. As long as my clothes don't get sikip, it's fine with me. Of course, breathing is important. Dapat hindi madaling hingalin. With that, I measure it by walking and running if given the bonggang bonggang opportunity.

So yesterday, it was my first day. As usual, first day is the worse. It's total adjustment. Positively, since I've been working out for the past month, no major major at bonggang bonggang physical pain.

As a jumpstart, I was back doing my Taichi routines. As early as 5:30 ng umaga, hataw na ako sa pagpapapawis. Mejo nanibago rin ako kasi matagal akong di nag-Taichi. Puros jogging and stretching lang din.  On one hand, I enjoyed walking in our neighborhood lalo na ng mataas na ang sikat ng araw. It's been a while since naarawan ako. Sanggol lang? Kailangan ma-arawan? hahaha

For breakfast, kahit gustong gusto kong kumain ng favorite ko na tuna sandwich bread which I can buy in a bakery downstairs our office, I refused to get one. Refused talaga? Pak! Maliban sa tipid-tipiran, feeling ko oily ang palaman? hahaha! So, as an option for breakfast, I had three bananas and one apple. Yes! Ako na ang mangangain ng prutas!

For lunch, since I wasn't able to prepare my baon,I just went out and had a kolomee with wanton and dumpling. I enjoyed my food while reading a new book which I got from the Philippines. It's entitled "Ilustrado." You see, I eat words and yes, carbs for lunch! Pak!

After eating, I searched for a yoga mat. Not that I'm into Yoga pero kailangan ko kasi especially on cool down and stretching session after my cardio exercise. Thanks to Hua Ho Department Store, I got a Yoga Mat.

In the office, work piled up. New projects came in so I had to push my workout schedule a bit late.

At night, I jogged (in place) for 30 minutes habang binabayo ng musika ang background.Then I did some stretching (na I'm so happy and inspired) with my new mat. Soon, I finished my work out.

For dinner, I had four boiled bananas. Yes! I'm back with my banana diet. Iba rin ang ligayang hatid ng saging. Nakakabusog!

Now, I'm on my second day. I'm hoping to survive this challenge.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I can do this! Gusto ko lang naman maging hunk, masama ba yon? hahahaha!

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