Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Time flies soooooo fast. I'm happy that I survived my first day, and yes, my second day. As of writing, I'm now on my third day of burning all the bonggang bonggang fats in my body.

One of the most challenging part in doing my fitness challenge is to wake up every morning; I have to be up by 5:30 and should be exercising by 6. On my second day, too bad, I missed my schedule. But thank God, I was still able to exercise. The moment the clock hit at 6, I was rushing to prepare for my pagpapawis session.

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I am happy with what I achieved in my 30-day Fitness Challenge as I lost weight, in a healthy way. So for this fitness challenge which I call Road to 65, my objective is very simple: to hit 65Kg, in (again) a healthy way.

Yesterday was my second day. As part of the routine, I woke up, uhm, late. Still, I managed to do 30-minute walking and 15-minute stretching with my blue mat. By 7:30, I was in my room and preparing for work.

Part of the challenge is to eat healthy. If possible, say no to fatty and oily food. Vegetables and fruits are bonggang options. So for lunch, I brought my own baon.I had brown rice and tune with green pepper and carrots.

After lunch, I craved for some sweets. As a result, I went to a nearby grocery shop and bought an Iced Lemon tea. On one hand, I also had almonds for snacks.

Came afternoon and I was working on some script. So, I pushed the workout schedule a bit. Still, I was able to jog for 30 minutes and did some stretching for 15 minutes. Sweat was all over as I bonggang bonggang ganado to exercise.

At night, as usual, I had my nilagang saging.  I devoured four pieces. Devour talaga?Gutom much?

Obviously there's nothing so special about my routines. Inspite of it, I am challenged. To wake early in the morning and exercise is just bonggang bonggang pagsubok. On top of that, I have to carefully watch what I eat.

As I was working out yesterday I realized that I'm getting slimmer! Mas nabawasan pa ang laki ng tiyan. Below is a picture which I took last April when I was doing my 30-day Fitness Challenge. I'll update my body shot soooon.

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