Wednesday, July 4, 2012


One of the most challenging part in doing a fitness challenge is resisting the call of temptation such as bonggang bonggang and nakakalaway na pagkain. And just yesterday, I veered away from the fitness challenge as to give way to my supah friend's Elna's birthday celebration. I thought, minsan lang naman ang kasiyahan so why not give it a try.

As usual, in a party or handaan organized by a Filipino, the food is just irresistible. Ang sarao sarap kasi!. Meanwhile, it's must to eat rice to enjoy the cuisine. Such bestsellers Menudo, Kare-Kare, pansit bihon, embutido and even ulo ng lechon are worth your taste bud's delight. So last night, I had the bonggang bonggang privilege to enjoy a hefty serving of Filipino cuisine. Thanks to Elna, and Elna's mother, Inang.

Now, read on and be warned that the images that you'll see are meant to ignite you appetite. So should you be into a strict diet, perhaps it's not ideal to browse this page. Pak!

Yesterday was the third day of my fitness challenge. Since I'd been working out for the past months, I didn't have too much body pain in doing my routine. On top of that, I'm inspired in doing my fitness challenge because I can see positive results. Seriously, I'm getting the shape that I want.

So on my third day, I missed waking up early. I slept late last Tuesday night and when I woke up the next day my clock registered "Hey, it's 7:00 already!" Actually, I was already awake by 4:23 am. But since I thought that it's still too early to do Taichi, I took a nap. Sadly, that nap turned into a bonggang bonggang tulog.

Despite not exercising in the morning, I promised myself to workout in the afternoon. Na-achieve naman.

As usual for my breakfast, I had two pandesal and one apple. I also drank lots of water.

Lunch came and I enjoyed my baon. I had tuna, brown rice and some fish balls. I didn't get any sauce. I was satisfied with my food.

After work, I went home and did my workout. Since I'm attending my friend's birthday at night, I just had 45-minute workout. I jogged for 30 minutes and do my stretching and balancing in my blue yoga mat. I finished at 7:45; it's enough time for me to freshen up and go to Elna's place.

I knew that my diet will surely be ruined in Elna's party. I was right. But hey, there's no regret.

As soon as I arrived in Elna's place, a line-up of Filipino cuisine were already set on the dining table. There were also some guests. With so much excitement with the party, I gave my gift to Elna.
Elna! ang may kaarawan!

After a few minutes, Kuya Rhenee offered a prayer and soon we're all enjoying the food.

Now, get ready to ignite your appetite as I take you to some Filipino cuisine festival!

Inang, the mother of Elna, prepared the food. With expertise in cooking, super sarap nung mga pagkain. And yes, let me not forget to commend Elna's special embutido; it's sooooooo yummy. Puede daw umorder sa kanya.

Okay, now, here we go.

In Elna's party, I enjoyed a roster of Filipino cuisine. Elna had Menudo, Kare-Kare, Pansit, Chopseuy, Embutido, and yes, ulo ng baboy.

Ulo ng Baboy. You can order: BND40! My friend cooks this!





There's also some desserts na bonggang bongga! Pichi-Pichi, banana cake, and some mangga with bagoong were served!
Mangga with bagoong!

Banana Cake!

Super sarap na Pichi Pichi!

I felt at home enjoying last night's food. Suddenly, I felt a sudden gush of "Ay! I miss home. I miss lutong bahay." Then again, before I went "emo," I found myself going crazy with other guests. As usual, the entertainer in me shone!
My plate!

 After eating, I also had the pleasure to entertain Elna's guests. Yes, your's truly got possessed and I sang crazy! I did lots of voices last night - from Ate Glow, chipmunks, and more. But of course my own voice was all over the place.
With Elna!

Me, kuya Rhenee, Ton and Jovert!

Me, Elna, Kuya Rhenee, Ton and Jovert!

At 12, we all went home.

Here's interesting. Despite treating my tummy with Elna's bonggang bonggang pakain, I didn't eat rice. And I didn't drink softdrinks. And that I think is an achievement in response to my fitness eklavu.

Now, on to my 4th day! Leeeeezzzz do this!

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