Thursday, July 5, 2012


Wohoo! Yesterday was the fourth day in my fitness challenge. As of writing I'm now on my fifth. So how did things go in my fourth day?

Nothing much happened in my fourth day. Apart from missing my Taichi session in the morning because I slept late the other night as I attended a birthday party, I just did all the necessary routines in my afternoon session workout. I jogged for 30 minutes and did some stretching - push ups, side crunches, and more.

What's intriguing in my fitness challenge is that I can't (and not allowed) to do weight lifting. You heard me right.

Read on to know more.

I have a scoliosis. That's the katotohanan.

My scoliosis was diagnosed when I was in college. Although I can see that there's something different with my back, I ignored it. Not until I had some chest pains on our way home from Bicol in 2000. Because of the excruciating pain, which I thought would possibly be associated with heart problems (nasa lahi ang highblood and diabetes), I went to a doctor and let my spine checked. From the X-ray, it was revealed that I had a curvature.

From then on, the doctor advised me not to carry heavy stuff. The doctor even advised me to use a stroller or those bags with small wheels. Weight lifting or even sit-ups are not allowed. Additionally, I was advised to use an orthopedic bed. Dahil wala naman akong budget that time, halos one year din akong nagtulog sa banig; I was hoping that with "higang patay," I can straighten my spine's curvature. Asa naman ako di ba?

I made it a point to have my spine checked every year. Thanks to my doctor, she closely monitors everything. She has given me some medicines to address muscle (back) pains. What's more interesting, in my check-up a year ago, my doctor told me that "nag-stop na ang curvature ng buto mo. Mostly yung mga nag-ba-brace is those below 18 years old kasi nag-go-grow pa ang buto. Pero yung sa'yo, you just need to drink more calcium to make your bones stronger."

Eventually my doctor told me that I can do some weights. But, but, but, I have to sit down and use my legs to support my arms. Although she advised that, with my fear of experiencing back pains, I just opted to discover scolio-friendly fitness routines. Ang hirap kaya pag inaatake ng scolio, masakit na hindi mo maintindihan.

Thanks to my father and I learned Taichi. My father introduced to me the ala-Kung Fu exercise, packed with slow movements, back in 2009. My father learned Taichi from a Taichi expert and he patiently taught me the moves.

I've always liked "Taichi-ing." However, the most challenging part is to wake up in the morning and do my routines. Unbelievably for the past four years, I've consistently managed to do Taichi.

I'm happy with "Taichi-ing." Since I started doing it, I realized that hindi na masyadong sumasakit ang likod ko. At mas bongga, parang mas na-strengthen ang bones ko and back muscles. Also, I get enough energy in the morning especially right after doing the routines.

Unfortunately, over the past weeks, I've been sleeping late because of writing loads that I need to finish. With that, hindi ako nakakapag-Taichi.  Positively, with the comeback of my fitness challenge, I'm back in doing the routines.

Yesterday was my fourth day in my fitness challenge. I missed my Taichi session. But I'm fine with that. Napuyat kasi the other night. Today, I missed it again. On a positive, what I don't miss are eating healthy and exercising in the afternoon.

On my fourth day, nothing spectacular happened. I had two pandesal and one apple for breakfast. I had kolomee with wanton and dumplings for lunch. I ate some veggies with two pieces of squid balls and a small portion of embutido, which my friend Elna gave me the other night. With all of these, light na light ang feeling.

My favorite Kolomee with Dumplings and Wantan!

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