Monday, July 9, 2012


For the past three days, nawala ako in my fitness challenge. I tried sinful cuisine. I missed exercising in the morning or doing my Taichi. And what’s worse, I gave in to my cravings on sweet food. However, despite all of these “fatness-based” activities, I still had my conscience in full circle and so I worked on some pagpapawis session.

In this entry, I’ll chronicle three exciting days, day five to seven, of my fitness challenge. Basically this entry will cover my band rehearsal on Friday; the “I Love Brunei” Prize Presentation and Food Fest with friends on Saturday; and a laid back Sunday. These activities made my days oh-so bonggang bongga talaga!

Read on to know more about my explosive (fitness induced) adventures.

Friday Frenzy

I had an exciting Friday last week. Apart from the happiness that was brought about by bringing my own packed lunch – tuna, a small portion of homemade embutido, two pieces of squid balls, and brown rice – I capped off my day with a bonggang bonggang band rehearsals. As you all know, I was recently invited by my friend Marietta to join and sing with her band, which name until now remains to be of anonymity in my mind. Actually, two Sundays ago, I sang with her band in a gig in Tutong, a place in Brunei. Di na nga ako pinag-audition kasi may tiwala naman si Marietta sa akin. Actually siya ang nagbibigay sa akin ng mga singing gig sa Brunei. Remember my performance in Empire Hotel and Country Club last 31 December 2012, siya ang nagbigay sa akin noon.

As part of my fitness challenge, since I wasn’t able to exercise in the morning because late akong natulog nung Thursday night as I finished a script and read some journal article for my research, bumawi na lang ako ng pagpapapawis in the afternoon. Before meeting Marietta at Mamih, I had a 45 minute workout; I jogged and did some stretching.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, I went to the Mall and bought a long sleeves and bow tie. That’s what I wore in the next day’s awarding ceremony. As I was shopping for clothes, I realized na bet ko ang mag-bow tie sa event; para maiba naman. Yours truly brought a black bow tie. Ligayang ligaya lang ako! And since I was elated with the upcoming awarding, I rewarded myself with, (drum roll), Each-A-Cup's Pearl Milk Tea!

By 8 in the evening, I arrived in the meeting place and met Marietta. We waited for a few minutes and my friend Cheenyca came. She’s also invited to be an additional vocalist of the band. I heard, a gig is scheduled to take place sometime after Puasa or Fasting; probably it will be in Hari Raya.

After getting lost on our way to Pengiran Sal’s place, where we’ll have the barbecue night and band rehearsal, we arrived, safely.

For my dinner, I had a small portion of kambing, one piece of chicken, which I wasn’t able to finish dahil half cooked, and three curry empanadas, with a sticky rice wrapped in leaves.

As soon as we finished our food, we began with the band rehearsal. And yes, I enjoyed every moment of the rehearsals. 

Cheenyca and Ruby


Ruby Chong was also there to join the rehearsals. She’s with me during our latest gig in Tutong.
With Marietta

With Cheenyca

With Ruby

We finished the rehearsal before 12 midnight. Soon, we hit the road and I sent Cheenyca and her mom at Menglait area.

When I reached home, mejo nagutom ako,I checked the fridge and got some grapes.

As I was preparing my outfit for the next day’s awarding ceremony, I munched the grapes.

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