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For the past three days, nawala ako in my fitness challenge. I tried sinful cuisine. I missed exercising in the morning or doing my Taichi. And what’s worse, I gave in to my cravings on sweet food. However, despite all of these “fatness-based” activities, I still had my conscience in full circle and so I worked on some pagpapawis session.
In this entry, I’ll chronicle three exciting days, day five to seven, of my fitness challenge. Basically this entry will cover my band rehearsal on Friday; the “I Love Brunei” Prize Presentation and Food Fest with friends on Saturday; and a laid back Sunday. These activities made my days oh-so bonggang bongga talaga!
Read on to know more about my explosive (fitness induced) adventures.

 Saturday Shindig

Again, I missed Taichi-ing in the morning. The other night when I attended the band rehearsal, I slept late because I fixed my outfit for the awarding ceremony and I also indulged myself in reading a book. Actually, I want to finish reading all my books before August ends. Well, it’s not yet sure though, but I might leave Brunei soon if I’ll get a scholarship from another University which I applied for. Scary, lalabas na ang resulta this week.

My Saturday was extremely special. Finally, after a month long of waiting, Brunei Times awarded the prize that I won in the 2012 “I Love Brunei” Competition. Using four different media – video, essay, painting, and photography – the annual competition was made to commemorate Brunei’s 28th National Day Celebration.

The prize presentation of the “I Love Brunei” competition was held at the Songket Ballroom of Rizqun Hotel. Apart from having high tea, what’s uber grand was his Royal Highness Prince Abdul Malik consented to award the prizes to the winners. Actually nung Thursday pa tumawa ang organizers sa akin. Sinabi na si Prince Adbul Malik nga daw ang mag-award sa amin. So as soon I got the information, I thought of getting myself a presentable outfit.

I didn’t go to work since all winners were required to attend the rehearsal in receiving the prize from the Prince.

By 10 in the morning, I was at Rizqun. Since the organizers were still setting up the seating arrangement and all the blocking on stage, we all just waited.

As part of my fitness challenge, OA lang ako at gatas lang ang breakfast ko noon.

We finished the rehearsals by 12 noon. We were asked to be in the venue by 1 pm.

Yours truly went to Cheezbox and ate. In line with my fitness challenge, I had one plate of Baby Kailan in garlic sauce and my all time favorite Kolomee Special.

By 12:30, I was getting dressed in the hotel’s toilet. Hindi na ako umuwi at tama rin na dinala ko na mga damit ko kasi OA ang rehearsal.

By 1 pm, I was inside the venue. Soon, Ma’am Betsy, my nanay-nanayan and friend came. While waiting, we took some pictures of us in the venue.

The programme started at around 2:30. Everything went smooth. In fact, the rehearsal really helped especially on our part. The bow, the hand gestures and blocking were so well-rehearsed.

The awarding ceremony was also covered my the different media in Brunei- from radio to television.

Yours truly walked away with 2,500 Brunei Dollars and an Air Ticket to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Isn’t that great?

After the prize presentation, everyone was invited to enjoy a high tea session. In short, kainan or snack time. Since I just had my late lunch, I just grabbed some sweets, one slice of small bread, and a small portion of pansit.

By 4 in the afternoon, I was already home. Since I really can’t wait to share my bonggang bonggang success with my family and friends, I uploaded selected pictures in my Facebook.

With so much elation, I went off for a swim at Ma’am Betsy’s place. On my way, actually, while I was preparing my stuff for swimming, I kept on aswering greetings in my Facebook. Super happy talaga at halos hindi ako makapaniwala with what God has blessed me.

I was in Ma’am Betsy’s place before 6. I swam and waited for Elna and her guests Inang and Jeco.

After an hour of swim for them and 1 ½ for me, we went up in Ma’am Betsy’s unit and prepared dinner.

My fitness challenge was trashed when I had my dinner at Ma’am Betsy’s place. Nakakahiya naman na magdiet ka eh minsan lang naman ang gathering. On top of that, the pakain was a birthday treat of Ma’m for me and a welcome dinner for Inang and Jeco. It’s also a thanksgiving for Ma’am Betsy for all the blessings she’s been gifted with for the past weeks.

For our dinner, we had Inang’s special Kare-Kare na ang sarap sarap! Ma’am Betsy also prepared a soup, steamed fish and shrimp in Thai sauce. And for our dessert, bonggang bonggang ginataang bilo-bilo. With these, sira talaga ang diet.

Shrimp in Thai Sauce


Steamed Fish

Ginataang Bilo-Bilo

Apart from enjoying the food, I also loved the chikahan. Tawa rito, tawa roon, as usual.

By 10:45, Elna, Jeco, Inang and I left.

Since I didn’t feel going home yet, I went to Coffee Bean and had my Coffee-free Vanilla Mango.

Soulful Sunday

I woke up late on a Sunday. I slept late on Saturday as I finished a book and contemplated on the next projects that I want to work on.

When I woke up at 10 in the morning, I immediately prepared my eco-bag and went to the market. I bought a fish and some vegetables.

After some bonggang pamimili in the market, I went to the grocery to buy more healthy food items.

When I reached home, I had my lunch. As part of my fitness challenge, I had a small portion of brown rice, ginisang tuna, a small chicken (na hindi ko kinain ang balat), and three crabsticks in a stick, which I bought in the grocery.

Okay na rin yung lunch ko kasi di pa ako nag-breakfast. I just had one glass of milk to give me energy in shopping in the market and in the grocery.

In the afternoon, I cleaned the toiled, did laundry, cleaned my room, and prepared my lunch for the next day. Kahit ganito ito, pinawisan rin talaga ako.

Afternoon came and I prepared myself for church.

Eto ang bongga. I craved for Tea C Special and Buttered Fish for dinner. Yon na, bumigay ako sa pagkain.

Despite giving in to my cravings, guilt-free pa rin kasi alam kong intensive workout din ako sa mga susunod na araw.

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