Monday, July 9, 2012


Days walk fast. Hindi na maitatanggi yan. It’s just last week since I started my fitness challenge and now I’m on my eight day. This is preposterous! preposterous talaga ang word na gamitin? Okay, crazy na lang!

Unfortunately, for the past three days, mukhang na-violate ko ang aking rules on eating. I ate sweets. I had my fave pearl milk tea. And I missed exercising in the morning. Despite these nakakakonsensyang aktibidad, I’ve managed and just promised myself to be back on track. So today, on my eight, I engaged in an intensive workout session and went back to enjoying my banana diet.

Read on to know more.

A pleasant surprise greeted me yesterday morning. The moment I stepped in the office, while gasping for air after a 10 minute from the first floor to the third, I saw in the newspaper a photo which shows yours truly with the other winners of the 2012 I Love Brunei competition and with Prince Abdul Malik. Filled with so much happiness, I immediately took a photo of the page in the newspaper and upload it in Facebook.

That’s not we’re talking about. Since this is about my fitness challenge, let me set aside my achievement and talk about my ina-achieve, which is to be fit and hit 65 kilos, the ideal weight for my height.

So for yesterday morning, since I’d been having pandesal for the past months, I tried to have the raisins bread. Of course, hindi mawawala ang apple ko. I also drank lots of water.

Lunch came and I was happy with my baon. I had brown rice and my adobong manok, which I cooked last Sunday afternoon. I just reheated my lunch this morning before going to work.

In the afternoon, as usual, I exercised for an hour. Then after, I had my dinner. I fried some fish and had boiled bananas. 

I felt light with all my the food that I'd been eating. What's interesting, hindi naman ako nanghihina. Ang pinakabongga lang eh when I checked my timbang kanina umaga, bonggang 2 kilos na naman ang nawala. So now, I'm 68kgs na! Wohoo, 65Kgs, ma-a-achieve ka rin.

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