Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yesterday was the ninth day of my fitness challenge. Based on my religiosity in doing my pampapawis routines, I can say that I'm progressing. As a proof, I checked on my weight yesterday and I found out that I'm 68Kilos. Coming from 69 to 70 and back to 68, yes, I made it happen.

Apparently yesterday I grabbed a sweet treat for myself. Irresistibly tempting, I went out of the office after enjoying my packed lunch and bought... guess what? isang pampaseksi!

Read on to know more.

Again, I missed doing my Taichi in the morning. It was raining heavily and I couldn't get off my bed. Ang sarap yapusin ng unan at kumot. Isa pa, hindi rin naman ako makakapag-walking kasi umuulan. So instead of getting out to sweat, nauwi sa sweet dreams ang aking umaga.

I don't regret missing my Taichi yesterday. In fact, I still feel positive with my dedication because never ko namang namiss ang exercise sa hapon na bonggang bonggang pampapawis. Isa pa, tuloy tuloy ang disiplina sa pagkain.

By 7 in the morning, I found myself in the kitchen. I was reheating my packed lunch. Wala kasing microwave sa office na halos one year na ang nakalipas since nagrequest ako. Nakakaasar lang talaga ang kompanya ko. Anyways, I don't want to rant kasi nakaka-wrinkles yan.

When I got in the office at 8:13, I had my breakfast. I had one apple and my raisin bread. Yung raisin bread ko eh maliit lang ang portion. Mas ineenjoy ko ang apple sa kesa mga carbs. Me ganon?

As soon as lunch time hit, I had my packed lunch. I had fried fish and adobo (in small portion). I also had brown rice.

So right after eating my lunch I craved for some sweets.Hindi talaga ko mapakali. Naglalaway talaga ang dila ko sa something sweet. As a result, I went out and bought....tada!

FROYO! Yes! Topped with blueberry syrup, chocolate sprinkle and mango!

Wala namang pagsisisi. I was enjoying my froyo while reading a book entitled "Ilustrado." Ganyan mode lang. Happy ang moment.

Since I had Froyo in the afternoon, I really worked out at night. Super jog, super papawis, super push-up. In short, bonggang bonggang pagpapawis ang naganap.

Then for dinner, bilang nakonsensya ako,  I just had my usual nilagang saging. Enjoy naman at sanay na rin ako sa pagkain ng saging. Di na rin nagugutom sa gabi. The technique actually is to drinks lots of water hanggang malunod ang sikmura, chos!

As of writing, I'm now on my 10th day. Wohoo nang bongga.Hopefully I get to really reach 65 Kg after my continuous work out. Just to let you know, there will be no 30-day deadline for this challenge. Pero parang maganda rin na meron. Let's see!

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