Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Traveling on a shoestring budget is what I’ve always wanted to try. With last week's chance to travel alone, I thought of budgeting my money properly. Actually, as I was making my itinerary, I told myself to go for tourist spots and not just shop in shopping malls. Since I heard that dishes in KL are very cheap, I thought I can work on a budget. True enough, with my research and planning, I achieved a budget-friendly trip. More or more, I got hooked in visiting museums, mosques, a cave, a world heritage city (hello, Melacca), and taking lots of pictures in any place I got in.

Since I was clueless on where to stay in Kuala Lumpur, I asked my friends in Brunei. Quickly, they referred, which I immediately browsed and bookmarked for research. As I read the reviews on the list of accommodations ranging form hotels, inns, and even hostels, I decided to pick a budget hotel, which is located in Bukit Bintang. What’s more, in consideration was the budget hotel should be near Jalan Alor, the street which boasts food stalls and restaurants.

After a careful review of prices and tourists’ comments, I picked La Comme Budget Hotel.
 Should I rate La Comme Budget Hotel, out of 5 (with 5 being the highest), I can say that it deserves to get a 3.5. It's good enough to let you find comfort after a day of touring the city or get you enjoyinga quick hot bath. 

La Comme Budget Hotel is located in Jalan Angsoka. It’s a 3 minute walk from Jalan Alor and 10 minutes from Bukit Bintang Walk, where all major malls are located.

I personally picked La Comme Budget Hotel because it’s clean, spacious and accommodating; that's what I saw online. And with what I read, it’s also secure. Positively, the online images and customers' comments are for real!

So when I reached La Comme, surprisingly, they didn’t get my online booking. Since I didn’t have any proof that I booked as I didn’t get any receipt of confirmation via, there’s no way that I can get a room. Positively, the receptionist was generous enough to offer me a vacant standard room. The receptionist told me that he’ll check my booking via hostelworld. For the mean time, he advised me to take a rest first and he’ll just update me with my booking status. Bait di ba?

I quiet liked the room. Although it’s small, it’s tidy and comforting. Also, there’s hot shower.

My Bed
The door just beside the bed!
Cabinet for Clothes
Small toilet
TV and a small drawer
There was also a television with Astro, which provides interesting channels to watch movies.

The only thing that I didn’t like about La Comme Budget Hotel is the noise or the banging of the doors from other rooms, which I can hear in my room. In my first night, I had a hard time sleeping because of the frequent noise. However, on my second and third night, perhaps because I was dead tired with a whole day of tourist spot hopping and probably my ears had already adjusted with the noise, I got a good sleep.

An addition to it’s strength is its free wi-fi. Since my Brunei line is inaccessible (thanks to Whatsapp as I was able to SMS my friend), it’s only La Comme’s wi-fi that connected me to the world. I was able to post pictures via Facebook and I was happy about it.

La Comme offers complimentary breakfast. In my case, I just availed the coffee, bread, jam, and beans on the first day. On the second and third and fourth day, I opted to grab a bread, which I bought from the previous night's kainan session, or go for brunch on location.

In end, I paid RM99 per night at La Comme Budget Hotel. I went for a late check-out and so I was charged with an additional RM30. All in all, I paid RM327.

I recommend La Comme Budget Hotel for those who are not finicky with their accommodation. Since I was tight on a budget and I thought that I just needed a place to sleep in and take a bath as I’ll be out the whole day in visiting tourist spots, La Comme Budget Hotel suites.


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