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My trip in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia won’t obviously be complete without having a picture taken with the phenomenal and jaw-dropping Petronas Twin Tower. So on my first night in KL, Kuya Raul joined me in my Petronas Tower Hunt.

Most of the time, I was holding a map in KL. Since I’m on a tight budget, I tried to avoid getting on a taxi to visit tourist places, as listed in my itinerary. Unfortunately, on my first night in KL, since I was tired as I just arrived, I opted to get on a taxi and went to the Petronas Twin Tower. Kuya Raul, who is assigned to do a photoshoot in KL and who has no itinerary for the night, joined me on my trip. We just split the taxi fare.

Prior to going to the Petronas Twin Tower, Kuya Raul and I ate at the famous food alley Jalan Alor. At Jalan Alor, your appetite will surely be delighted with a wide range of dishes – Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, and more. And in the same alley, you’ll feel empowered with your money as the food is cheap yet very tasty. As we say in Filipino, sulit ang pagkain.

On our first night, we ate at Restoran Dragon View. I had fresh orange juice(RM5.00), roasted chicken with rice (RM7.00) and an extra order of dumpling kolomee (RM6.00) to share with Kuya Raul. Kuya Raul had roasted pork. He also ordered fried squid and a stingray to share. Yes! I tried the stingray. The verdict: it’s salty and a bit spicy! Actually, as I was browsing the menu, I was amazed to see a line-up of cuisine with frog meat. Oh-kay, I didn't try it; I'm afraid to get an upset stomach.

Fresh Orange Juice

Roasted Chicken Rice



After enjoying our first meal at Jalan Alor, I accompanied Kuya Raul to his hotel, which is just across Jalan Alor, and we went to the Petronas Twin Tower. We took the cab, as I just said, to reach the grand tower.

As soon as we reached the Petronas Twin Tower, I was wowed! As we walked and found a spot to best capture the tower’s staggering beauty and brightness, I uttered “Grabe ang ganda-ganda!” non-stop!

 After a few steps, we finally found a spot to take a picture of the Petronas Twin Tower. I took lots of photos of it and eventually I asked Kuya Raul to have my picture taken with the tower.

Shot from Kuya Raul's Bonggang Camera!
 Finding a place to capture the Petronas Twin Tower’s full built was challenging. We had to walk around and check on the angle. As Kuya Raul said, a professional photographer, it is best to photoshoot the tower from another building as the eye level and position will help in positioning the camera and capturing the tower in full picture. Since we’re not blessed with such opportunity, we maximized spots that were readily available. So from street corners to small islands on the road, the “photographer’s spirit” within us was rolling out all over the place.

After 30 to 45 minutes, Kuya Raul and I opted to go back to Bukit Bintang. And so the long walk began (super duper mega walk talaga! Sukuan ng katawan. Pudpod ang tsinelas ko. Tunawan ng kinain episode).  Before leaving the Petronas Twin Towers, I was amazed to find out that there’s a mall in the ground floor, which is popularly known as Suria KLCC. Unfortunately, the shopping mall was already closed.  As a sneak peak big brands allure and welcome a shopper’s discerning taste such as Louis Vuitton. Meanwhile, there’s a skybridge where you can go and see KL’s green and modern landscape.

I was holding a map on our walk. Since we didn’t want to ride the cab and we felt that Bukit Bintang is just near as we can the Tower from where we had dinner in Jalan Alor, we opted to bonggang-bonggang walk. Little did we know, despite the presence of the map on my hand, which I was so dependent on, the lack of navigation skills (ako na ang lost) put us to an estimate of 3-hours of walk. Liko dito, lakad doon, pasok dito, labas doon. On a positive side, we familiarized ourselves in most of the Jalan (Streets) and we enjoyed the sights of KL at night.

Well-lighted, systematic, clean, and cosmpolitan are what I can descibe about KL’s roads. When Kuya Raul and I were walking, we felt secured. We didn’t even think of pickpockets or snatchers along our way. We just enjoyed looking at those humungous establishments, bright arches, and lots of streetlights that spruce up bars and restaurants.

Eventually we reached Bukit Bintang. I walked back to my hotel and took a good rest. I conditioned myself on my next day adventure. On my itinerary, I’m bound to go to Batu Caves and try the Hop-on,Hop-Off Bus.


Built in 1998. Architect Cesar Pelli

Situated at the former site of the Selangor Turf Club, the Petronas Twin Towers were once the world’s tallest buildings at a height of 452 metres. The 88 floors are constructed largely of reinforced concrete with a steel and glass façade designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic Architecture. The tower features a skybridge at the 41st and 42nd level, this bridge is the highest 2-storey bridge in the world.

KLCC park spans 100 acres with jogging and walking paths, It also has a symphony Lake Fountain and a massive tropical garden with approximately 1900 indigenous trees and palms.

Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge, Level 41 & observation deck, Level 86.
Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm.
Skybridge infoline 03-2331 8080

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