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Finally, I’m back! My apologies for the hiatus, my dear readers. As you all know (and would probably know), I already left Brunei Darussalam to embark on a new journey in another foreign land. As of writing, I’m preparing my documents to obtain my Australian Student Visa. I am going to Australia in November of this year to jumpstart my PhD in Media and Communication via a scholarship to support my tuition fees and living allowance.

There had been lots of happenings in my life for the past weeks but I won’t disclose it yet. As for this blog entry, I am sharing (still, and for there’s just plenty) my solo traveling challenge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And today, I will be talking about Bukit Bintang or known as the Shopper’s Haven.

When I stayed in Kuala Lumpur, I opted not to shop but went for tourist spot hopping. Interestingly, I stayed in Bukit Bintang because that’s where budget hotels are located. I checked in at La Comme Budget Hotel, which is 100 tumblings away (lol) from Jalan Alor, where I dined most of the time in hawker eateries and 200 tumblings away (lol) from the stretch of Malls in Bukit Bintang.

Bukit Bintang is also known as Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. Based on Malaysia’s Tourism board, Bukit Bintang is at the heart of the Golden Triangle which covers Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Ampang and from Jalan Imbi to Jalan Pudu. Additionally, Bukit Bintang or also known as “Star Hill” is synonymous with shopping and entertainment. Many hotels, restaurants and hawker-styled eateries are located here.

Obviously, as I walked around and checked on nearby shops, Bukit Bintang becomes alive at night. At Jalan Alor alone, I was treated with endless choices of food ranging from fresh juices, pork and chicken dishes, roasted or fried cuisine, and a lot more that I (as expected) trashed dieting. And in Bukit Bintang, people in different races moved like there's no tomorrow. Everyone's on high.

Uber big TV!

 Bukit Bintang is packed with humungous malls, which house local and international brands. The popular malls are: Pavilion, Starhill, Sephora, Lot 10, and Farenheit, which are all surrounded by hotels. Among these malls, it's Paviliion and Starhill that I encountered the most. In fact, I was stunned with Starhill's basement as it's packed with high-brow restaurants designed with unique and jaw-dropping interiors. I'll allot one blog entry for that.

Love the shape of Sephora!
At Pavilion, I learnt that the national flower of Malaysia is Hibiscus; this is what’s written on a metal plate beside the crystal glass fountain, which is comprised of three bowls. The bowls with the flowing water represent Malaysia’s multiracial culture living harmoniously in unity. This area of Pavilion is also a hotspot for tourists to have their picture taken. Dahil shy ako (shy daw),I just took a plain shot of the bowls and fountain for blogging purposes.

Three bowls!

Malaysia's Flag on Display!

Pavillion's Interior

Aside from feasting on the stretch of malls and diversity of people in the area, I enjoyed  capturing some interesting characters on the street. I was surprised to see musicians, “bangketa” vendors of wrist watches, and an entertainer dressed in full costume paired with a glittery make-up. Sabi ko, parang Manila lang!

They sang some Malay songs.

Watches galore!

Pay RM1.00 for a snapshot.

Overall, I suggest that I you love shopping, book a hotel at Bukit Bintang and you’ll definitely go loco over a spectrum of shopping choices. What’s more, should you go for some gastronomic adventures, with a tight budget in mind, you can opt to enjoy a forget-about-diet set-up at Jalan Alor. Hey, Pavilion has the "Food Republic," which I believe is a sosyal na food court. 

Actually, when I was walking around Bukit Bintang, I felt that I was transported back in the Philippines. Bukit Bintang is more likely similar to "Ortigas" and "Makati" at night: bright coloured lights, vibrant shops, packed restaurants, partying around, and a lot more. 

Lantern-packed steets!

ala-New York!

On one hand, ever imagined Bukit Bintang in broad daylight? Here's some interesting images.

UP NEXT: Hop on - Hop Off Adventure!

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