Friday, October 5, 2012


Before going to Kuala Lumpur, my supah friend Elna told me to visit the ground floor of Starhill. My friend told me that the interior of the restaurants is spectacular. So out of curiosity, when I went to Malaysia, I included in my itinerary to visit Starhill Gallery. 

Actually, I almost miss out visiting Starhill as I was enjoying the night with some friends, whom I met, in KL. Thankfully, the group decided to stroll right after a hefty dinner in Jalan Alor.

Now, are you excited to see the amazing interiors of Starhil Gallery? Read on!

Sosyal! That's what I said the moment I stepped in at Starhill Gallery. Although it was already past 9,  the mall was still bustling with music, lights and shoppers.

The first area that I visited at Starhill Gallery was the restaurants in the basement. I tell you, I was wowed to see the interiors of each thematic dining hub. Bright lights, bottles used as pillars, floor lamps on hallways, cut out patterns fused with lighting, and well-thought designs are just all over. 

Obviously, with the restaurants' design, it's UBER high-brow. And I never attempted to look or inquire about the price the food. 

So with so much excitement, I took a snapshot of the interiors that piqued my interest.

Wood Panels with hanggang lamps!

Pillars made of bottles!

Lanterns galore!

Floor lamps!

Asian Corner!

Chinese inspired walls!


Patterned Wooden Walls!

Japanese or Chinese?
After checking the restaurants, I also had the chance to tour in the lobby. In the lobby, apart from the obvious high ceiling paired with carved pillars, there's a performing band. Feeling ko tuloy ay may TV show sa lobby dahil amazing ang stage, lighting at siempre ang performance. I even thought that the performing band is an all-Filipino band. Di pala. I guess they're Malaysians or Chinese.

Aerial View!

Aerial View!

Among the interior design that I saw, it's the eco-friendly pillars and decor that I liked the most. 

Recycling 101 at its fab!

Should you want to take a visit at Starhill Gallery, simply go behind Sephora and you'll see it. 

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  1. Koryo won is korean earvs! thanks for the posts. will try to visit these places in december.