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When I was plotting my itinerary for my solo traveling challenge to Malaysia in September, a travel to Melaka piqued my interest. Based on what I read in some blog entries written by Filipinos, Melaka or known as a World Heritage City is a must-visit in Malaysia because of its historic appeal.

With a travel to Melaka in my mind, I allotted one day of my itinerary to the historic city. The travel time to Melaka is 1 hour and 45 minutes by bus and so that helped me to monitor my time. Of course, I have to consider being lost in a foreign land and finding my way out. On top of that, I inquired that the last bus going to Kuala Lumpur from Melaka is at 8:30 in the evening.  

Melaka is definitely a glorious place not to miss in Malaysia. Now, read on to know more the TOP 12 things that you can enjoy in Melaka. 

One of the best experiences I had in my solo traveling challenge last September is to go out of my comfort zone. Considering that I'm already ____ years old, okay, I'm 30, I've never pushed myself on a long and solo travel. With that in mind, I realized that having lived in Brunei for more than four years and alone should had at least influenced and trained me to be independent. And so the solo traveling challenge was done in September.

1. Budget Travel to Melaka

 To travel in Melaka is budget friendly. Imagine, I only paid RM9.90 going to Melaka and RM9.20 from Melaka to KL. How's that possible? I rode a bus in the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. From my hotel in Bukit Bintang, it's about 30 minutes (including traffic). I availed a Taxi from Bukit Bintang.

Honestly, I was amazed with how TBS looks like. Super linis, laki and it's like an Airport. 
Airport ang Peg!
Buy a ticket for the Metrobus Ekspres
On the side, since I was clueless how I could get into TBS, I rode the taxi and paid in an agreed fee. In Melaka, I also rode the taxi going to the heritage city. I paid RM20. Surprisingly, there's a bus sending tourists from the Bus station to the city. And that costs only RM1.00, which I availed from my trip going back to the terminal.
The bus station in Melaka

Where to buy the ticket back to KL!
Unfortunately, there's no free Melaka Map. You have to pay for the whole map, which looks like a book.
The information centre!

2. Chicken Rice Ball  
I was not so hungry when I reached Melaka. Thanks to my bottled water and a pack of Amos, I survived my hunger inside the bus or in my 1 hour and 45 minutes of travel.

When I reached the city itself, I was clueless on what to eat. So once I arrived, I wandered and check out restaurants. Immediately, I saw Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. By the look of it, since a lot of customers were in, I walked in and ordered. So I asked the waitress on what's their specialty and she recommended for me to try their famous Chicken Rice ball. I also had Iced lemon tea and the Roasted chicken. My verdict, I looooved the chicken rice ball and the sauce that comes with the Roasted Chicken.

Roasted Chicken in Melaka!

The Famour Rice Ball!

3. Christ Church Melaka

Apart from the signage that states Melaka, World Heritage City, the first tourist attraction that will get your attention is the plaza where the Christ Church Melaka is located. Based on what I read, Christ Church was built by the Dutch in 1753 to commemorate the centenary of their occupation in Malacca, which took 12 years to build. On the side, I kinda like the colour of the church. It's fab, don't you think? hehehe

Thanks to the tourist who took a snapshot!

Rows of shops!

Apart from Christ Church, there are lots of cultural and historic icons in the "plaza" such as three-wheeled bicycles (parang pedicab) garbed with flowers, a tower with a clock, perky street signs, and a stretch of stalls that sell souvenirs.

10RM for one ride.

Stalls for shopping!

4. The Stadthuys Building or the Melaka Ethnography and Historic Museum.

Basically, the museum features the different eras in Melaka such as: Early Melaka Era, Melaka Sultanate, Portuguese Era, Dutch Era, British Era, Japanese Era, Independence, Governors of Melaka, and the "Makara" stone.

5. Seri Melaka

Another museum that I visited in Melaka is the Seri Melaka or the office and official home for the Dutch Governors in the 17th Century. It is located on St. Paul's Hill which was earlier known as Bukit Melaka (Melaka hill). Additionally, the place is the site of the palace of the Melaka Sultanate before the Portuguese.

Based on research, according to the Munshi Abdulah, this building was known as Raja's house and on 31st August 1957, the name was changed to Seri Melaka, as the title of the Governor was also changed to Tuan Yang Terutama Yang di Pertua Negeri.

Basically, the two-storey building exhibits the collection of the Dutch Governors.

6. St. Paul Church

The ruins of the St. Paul Church is also a sight to behold. Originally a small chapel built by a Portuguese Captain called Duarto Coehlo in 1521 AD and called "Nosa Senhora - Our Lady of the Hill."

Tablets and Hand-drawn artworks
Actually, as I was walking around, I realized that the place is a great pre-nup site for pictorial. lol

According to research, the renowned Spanish-born Jesuit missionary St. Francis Xavier was a regular visitor to this church from 1545 to 1552 and when he died his body was interred here for nine months before being taken to India. 

On a personal note, I kinda feel that St. Paul church has the feel of one of the ruins in Corregidor.

7. Porta De Santiago

Porta in Portuguese refers to "portal," which means gateway and true enough Porta de Santiago was one of the four main gateway into Portuguese fortress of A. Famosa.The leader of the Portuguese army that conquered Melaka in 1511, Alfonso de Albuquerque started the construction of A. Famosa in 1512 from which they fended of attacks by the armies of the Sultan of Melaka and Acheh for over a century.

On the side, you will see the Proclamation of Independence Memorial in Melaka.

8. Malacca Sultanate Palace

I also had the chance to visit a replica of the Malacca Sultanate Palace. Inside the Palace, the rich traditions and culture of the Sultanate is reflected through artifacts, paintings, and life-size dioramas.

9. River Cruise 

Apart from enjoying and visiting Museums, you get to relax as well in the Melaka River. The river is clean and surrounded by colourful stretch of houses. You can also cruise in the river but at that time, no schedule is posted.

10. Shopping at Jonker Street 

If you feel like shopping for cheap and cool items, Jonker street is the place. Packed with a slew of stalls, Jonker street offers tourists with a wide variety of shopping items ranging from souvenirs, shirst, wallets, shoes, slippers, and yes, food. I heard that this is a good place to hang out at night.

paper made lanterns!

11. Chinese Temple

I also had the chance to visit two Chinese temples in Melaka. In one of the temples, I was able to go inside and took some snapshots. Of course, I paid respect by taking a bow before going in and observing silence as I walked around.

12. Church of St. Francis Xavier

Another religious establishment that I visited was the Church of St. Francis Xavier, which quiet looks like an Inglesia ni Kristo church.

Take note: You can visit these places without even riding a public transportation. Just walk and you'll reach it.

On top of that, you can go further in Melaka as there's a tower which lets you see the cityscape of Melaka. Coolness.
That tower!
Plus, check out the information centre for more activities to enjoy in Melaka! 

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