Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Let me take a respite from the line-up of books and journals that I have to read. Allow me to share with you some of my sentiments on my third week in Melbourne.

I am happy that I'm surrounded with great people who has been helping me to adjust in Melbourne. First of all, there's the presence of my co-Filipino scholars in Melbourne. Second, I've met Leo, a friend of Ms. Jing and Sir Joey, my "nanay-nanayan and tatay-tatayan in Brunei; Leo toured me in some amazing places in Melbourne city. And lastly, I have Ben, a close friend, who has been so patient in assisting and touring me around. On the other hand, homesickess sometimes kicks in. Thankfully, I know how to manage it.

Speaking of homesickness management, a few of my strategies are as follows.

First, I make myself busy. Be it reading the books or journals that I have to finish or simply clean my room, keeping my mind busy trashes homesickness.

Second, as much as possible, I veer away from overthinking home. Thanks to constant communication to my family, I'm able to feel at home despite living away in thousand miles from them.

Third, I explore my surrounding. Be it going to the city, riding the train, trying a new cuisine or as simple as jogging in the afternoon, I try to appreciate whatever's offered in Melbourne. At least, I get to widen my horizon.

Fourth, my supervisors are supportive. They've been motivating me to explore Melbourne or somehow be familiarized with the city. They're also encouraging me to find an outlet or hobby as to balance my academics with my "social life." Okay. My supervisors were suprised when I told them that I sing or perform on stage. They found it amusinig.

Fifth, I hang out with friends and close friends. Be it going to some gatherings or eating out, I budget my time to join and relax. On a positive note, given a relaxing day or night out, I get to be productive in reading and writing some of my ideas for my research.

I guess these are some of the secrets that I can share which make me overcome homesickness.

On one hand, what I love about having good people around is the joy of exploring and discovering the beauty of Melbourne.

Just last Saturday, Ben brought me to Brighton Beach. He also treated me in an American Restaurant called Misty's Diner. Okay. Ben is an American who recently got his Australian citizenship. He's my closest friend in Melbourne at the moment. And honestly, I like making him as my subject in my photoshoot. At least he's always ready to strike a pose. Yeah, he's obedient.

Hot Surrounding with cold sea water! Crazy!


me and Ben!

Cool colourful houses by the beach!

Misty's Diner!

Cooling down with his Oreo Sundae at McDonalds!

On another occassion, Leo, toured me as well in Melbourne. As a newbie, Leo treated me with sweets and coffee at a popular sweet hub called Brunetti. He also brought me to some places like the Melbourne Museum, parks, conservatory, and my favourite, the graffiti alley.

At the Conservatory
Behind me is Captain Cook's House!


Apart from touring Melbourne with friends, I also had a great time meeting some scholars at the recently held Melbourne Social Golf Club. Oddly, I (impromptu) sang "This is the Moment," and yes, served as Dance Instructor in showing the Gangnam style dance. Yeah! I was sooooo exposed. But hey, I enjoyed it as well. I actually miss performing (singing, dancing and hosting!).
With fellow Filipino Scholars!


Dance Instructor mode!
With Janheart and Ayona!

Oh! Here's some good news. I'm guesting for a radio station here in Melbourne; it's for a Pinoy Radio station. Let's see where will this bring me.

As I always say, PhD is my priority. However, if "lovelife" comes, aaaaaaaaaaaay! Actually, I'm... I'll just reveal it soon. Chos!

Don't worry, everything's fine. A lot of people are taking care of me here in Melbourne. And I'm so thankful for them.


  1. Interesado ako sa lovelife kasi mukhang meron and this is the first time its mentioned!!!

    nga pala, where do you store your photos? Just noticed you have a lot of it in your blog! :)

  2. hahahaha! Rach, sa google plus na ako save ng pics. Marami kasi!