Sunday, December 30, 2012


It has been a tradition for me to look back on the "positive" highlights of the passing year. For 2012, I can say that I've been blessed with bountiful surprises from God. Not only that I got what I've always wanted (to do a PhD Overseas with a scholarship), but I've been showered with loads of surprises since January of this year.

Before I proceed with my goals for 2013, let me share with you the goals that I set in 2012. So far, Im proud to say that I achieved what I envisioned.

Based on my 2012 list, these are what I listed: Be Healthy (Check); Exercise (Check! I lose 6 Kgs or 13.2 lbs. from my 30 day fitness challenge); Uni Hunt (Yeah, I'm in at Monash University); Read more (Check! I still do especially now that I'm doing my PhD); Blog more (Check!); To find love (Getting there?); Write and publish a book (Check! One book chapter is on its way for publication);  Travel (Check! Visited Malaysia and Thailand!); Save more (Check!); Be patient (Check!);To be home for December (Not!); My 30th birthday celebration (Check!); Sing praises (Check!); Rakets (Check!); Invest on books (Check); Try some fashion (Check); Beach on summer (Check!); Get a Gadget (Check); Research and Publish (Check); Meet bloggers and twitter friends (Check); and Work on a budget (Check!).

Let me go into the details of my 2012.

I started with a "Bang" in 2012. In January, I went back to the Philippines to present my MA paper on migrant blogging and empowering in a National Conference on Communication at UP Diliman.

Apart from working on my research, I also expanded my network. I became part of B:Read, an organization in Brunei that caters to book lovers.

Meanwhile, in February, I had the scariest on-the-road experience in Brunei. I was bullied by some crazy driver, who looks like "Chuckie" the killer doll! lol

In March, as I realized the importance of good health, I had my own "30-day Fitness challenge." Positively, I lost 6 kgs or 13.2 lbs!

In April, I had the bigest dilemma in m life: to get a job offer or wait for the results of my PhD application. Good decision: I waited for my PhD application results. So, I'm here in Australia!

It was also in April when I became a godfather to Baby Pia, the daughter of my supah friends Lisa and Kuya Rhenee!

In May, I graduated at UP Open University. I walked away with two awards: the prestigious Chancellor's Lister Award and the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies Academic Excellence Award.

It was also in May when I got an offer for a PhD (with scholarship) at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, which I deferred and waited for my other applications in other Universities.

In June, oh! I celebrated my 30th Birthday celebration. I has a "sexy geek" themed party. Also, my friends tagged me along in Miri Malaysia for more celebration.

Dimsum at Miri!

At Miri Malaysia!

Cakes and cupcakes sponsored by friends!

In July, I won in the essay category (nationwide) of the 28th "I love Brunei" National Day Competition in Brunei. Apart from receiving a jaw-dropping cash prize, I also got an airticket to Malaysia.

It was also in July when I got an offer of study and a scholarship at Monash University.

In August, coolness, my Dad, my bestfriend Apes and her husband Mark visited me in Brunei!
In September, I went to Malaysia to avail of the prize ticket I got from the Nationwide essay competition. I enjoyed my stay in KL, despite being alone, as I visited places - Batu Caves and Melaka. I also loved KL's Hop-on, Hop-off buses as I was able to toured the city.

In October, I went back to the Philippines to fix my student visa.And in November, I went to Thaland to present my research. On the side, I toured the city with some local friends.

November walked in and I found myself in Melbourne Australia. So here I am, working on my PhD in Media and Communication.
At Monash Uni!

And with my stay in Melbourne, so far, I can say that everything's running smooth. I'm just blessed to have some friends around who support and guide me.
With Dawin and Ayona!
Janhart, Me, Darwin and Ayona!

me and Ben!
Now that 2013 is walking in so soooon, let me share with you my goals:
1. Confirm my PhD Candidacy at Monash University. I have to study smart and work hard! Oh yeah!
2. Be Healthy. I have to exercise more and watch the food that I eat.
3. Save money for the future!
4. Produce more research and publications.
5. Target presentations in conferences.
6. Travel in Australia (More places to visit eh?)
7. Blog more: personal and PhD blog!
8. Serve/Thank God (always) and share my talent.
9. Strengthen communication to family and friends.
10. Do Tutoring/Teaching/Part-time Job!
11. Friendships and Dating!

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