Monday, December 3, 2012


Tomorrow will be my second week in Australia. So far, I'm enjoying my stay in this lovely country. It seems that everything's readily available and organized. Of course, I still miss the Philippines, my home country. But thanks to technology, I can watch news over the Internet.

For the past days, I've been, well, coping with the Australian accent. In my recent Facebook posts, I shared some funny encounters, which I personally feel and think "crazy." Positively, through listening to Australia's radio stations, conversing with my supervisor and some co-PhDs and meeting locals, I'm now able to understand the "twang!" On one hand, I sometimes really don't get what the other person says. I just answer back with, "I'm sorry?"

I can cope with the cold and mostly erratic weather. I can now wear only a sando at night. What's more, I'm so happy to be able to sashay my colourful (summer-themed) shorts and sandals. Unfortunately, last Saturday, the "bipolar" weather slammed with while I was so confident to wear my summer shorts and shoes.

In terms of buying essential stuff, I realized that I've already practiced looking at "yellow" labels. Yellow labelled items are way cheaper. So, I'm always on the look out.

St. Francis Catholic Church

Inside the church
Apart from budgetting and adjusting with Australia's accent and weather, I enjoy touring around Melbourne city. It's an achievement that I rode the train (alone) since last week. What's more, I've already familiarized myself with the streets and train plus trams. On a more better news, I attended the Sunday mass in St. Francis Catholic Church. Wohoo, yes, I can join the choir. I just wish that it won't eat a lot of my time for studying for my PhD.

I also feel blessed with having amazing people around. I Just recently met Ben, an American-Australian. I met him through online and he's very accommodating and friendly to tour me around in the city. A few of the marvelous place that he brought me were the Princess Theatre, a cathedral, the parliament building, Federation Square, Chinatown, and a long but adventurous walk at the Botanical gardens. I also enjoyed hearing his stories about himself and his famly. What's more, he treated me over some snacks at Chocolateria San Churro, a popular place to get an unparalleled chocolate fix. He also brought me to Shanghai Village where I tasted the best dumplings. Plus, we had our drinks at Chatime.
Christnas Decor in the city!

Santa and a family!

Christmas Tree in Melbourne City!

Ben's treat: Churros!

His treat! Yummy!


Princess theatre!
The Parliament

A cathedral
Botanical Gardens


The best dumpling at Shanghai Village

With all of these activities that I've been experiencing, I couldn't really wish anything more. With the overwhelming beauty of Melbourne, the kindness of the people around me, and the enriching experience with research, I am so inspired to give out my best.

The tourist (me) and the tour guide!
Ben with the HUGE tree!

Speaking of research, I already started working on my PhD proposal. I was in the office this morning and I printed tons of journals to read. I'm just lucky as printing (in whatever quantity) is free. With that, print ng print ng print!

By the way, let me just share to you the good news that I got from my supervisor. My supervisor was impressed with my paper presentation in the recently-concluded colloquium. Wohoo!

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