Friday, January 18, 2013


How's everyone? Last night I went out with some of my friends to catch the movie Life of Pi. It was a spontaneous activity we agreed upon as to not only socialize but to relax as well; we just need to veer away from the pressure of Postgrad studies.

Unimaginably, on the 22nd of January will be (officially) the second month of my stay in Melbourne. Happy 2nd monthsary to me! Yey! Can you believe that? Oh well. I must say that in the span of almost two months, I've come to a point of (inevitably) missing my family and friends. In fact, I miss my friends and somehow (simple) lifestyle in Brunei. There are just days that I'll wake up and think of my family and friends. I guess the laid back and serene (paired with the cold breeze) environment contribute to the feeling of nostalgia.

Anyways before I cry because of homesickness (don't worry, it won't happen soon), I would like to talk about, yes, The Life of E! Yes, E! as for Earvs or Earvin Charles (that's me.) And before I blabber about my sentiments let me share with you all my encounter with the movie, The Life of Pi.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Yey! It's my first post of the year. Thank God, I've finally had the time  to update this blog. As you all know, my schedule has been so tight for the past weeks (I guess yours too) because of the holiday season. Positively, despite being away with my family and friends, I'm able to celebrate Christmas and welcome 2013 with a bang!

Speaking of a "bang," well, last week, I posted my New Year's resolution. Upon review of what I listed, I can say that everything's achievable this year (really? like diet?). One of my priorities for this year is to "basically" and "must" get my confirmation for my PhD Candidacy. At the moment, I am (same with first year PhD Students here at Monash) in a Probationary status, and so I'm labelled as a "PhD Student." Once I get my confirmation, I'll qualify as a PhD Candidate. And as they say, that's the tough and rough part commences. But since I'm still on the probationary status, it's better (as recommended by my supervisors) to settle down and read as much as I can. Of course, once my candidacy is confirmed, yeah, well, uhm, okay, let's see.