Friday, January 18, 2013


How's everyone? Last night I went out with some of my friends to catch the movie Life of Pi. It was a spontaneous activity we agreed upon as to not only socialize but to relax as well; we just need to veer away from the pressure of Postgrad studies.

Unimaginably, on the 22nd of January will be (officially) the second month of my stay in Melbourne. Happy 2nd monthsary to me! Yey! Can you believe that? Oh well. I must say that in the span of almost two months, I've come to a point of (inevitably) missing my family and friends. In fact, I miss my friends and somehow (simple) lifestyle in Brunei. There are just days that I'll wake up and think of my family and friends. I guess the laid back and serene (paired with the cold breeze) environment contribute to the feeling of nostalgia.

Anyways before I cry because of homesickness (don't worry, it won't happen soon), I would like to talk about, yes, The Life of E! Yes, E! as for Earvs or Earvin Charles (that's me.) And before I blabber about my sentiments let me share with you all my encounter with the movie, The Life of Pi.

Life of Pi is a masterpiece. It's poignant. It has a distinct cinematic character. Undeniably, it was visually stunning as it was able to play around with texture andcharacter that were even "glamourized" in 3D. Apart from being an eye-candy to movie goers, it is the underlying and metaphorical concepts that piqued my interest in digesting the movie. While moviegoers may read the movie on its literal ensemble - a man trapped in the sea with a tiger, the metaphors are just overflowing that you'll get to align it with real life - struggles, fate, and survival. In the movie, while I got teary eyed at some point (remember when Pi almost lost hope and wanted to die when another storm hit?), the statement on having fears and drawing strength, which represents the complexity of real life, moved (inspired to rekindle finding one's strength) me. Actually, while I was so engrossed watching the movie, I wanted to pull out my notebook and write in my journal.

Now, let's talk about the Life of E and the "sea" that I'm trying to cope with.

Last week, Kuya Bob treated and brought a few Filipino scholars, including yours truly, to the Great Ocean Road to see the jaw-dropping Twelve Apostles in Melbourne. We were just thankful to Kuya Bob because he drove for almost 8 hours (4 hours going, 4 hours back) just to bring us to the Twelve Apostles. What's more delightful, we had some stop overs at the Victoria Rose Garden, the Mansion, and ate (ala-picnic) at Lorne (Beach Area). Kuya Bob even had some pansit and drinks for us.

Kuya Bob (in stripped shirt) with the scholars!

During the travel, I must admit that I felt uncomfortable. I was okay with my seat (we we're seated at the back; I was with Janheart and Gab), but what made me nauseous and dizzy was the "zigzag"road which we had to pass by (no other way to pass by but on this). Thanks to some stopovers, I got to stretch and relax to generate more energy in travelling.

What's cool, my dizziness went off when I finally saw the Twelve Apostles (now 9 is left) in Great Ocean Road. Actually as I was (non-stop) taking snapshots of it, I couldn't help but think of adventure movies which I somehow felt best to be shot in the marvelous view. And as I walked by with my other co-Filipino scholars, I said to myself, "Wow! This is absolutely, wow!" (lack of words eh?)  It's as if I'm a kid brought by my parents to a Chocolate Factory or some candy land where it's overwhelming to the senses. Soon, our group left the Great Ocean Road at around 6:30 and arrived in the city at 10 pm.


Apart from my Great Ocean Road adventure, I went out with some of my friends to "chillax" over dinner. Finally, I met Hannah, my college bestfriend Liza introduced me via FB. Thanks to Hannah, I met Darwin, who (God's sent) has helped me in so many ways to cope and survive in my first few weeks in Melbourne. So I joined Hannah, Eden, Darwin and Gab for some scrumptious dinner at Pacific BBQ. Then we had desserts at Meet Fresh. The "tower" dessert was absolutely to die for!
Hannah and Me

Eden, Gab and Darwin!

Bonggang Dessert!

Speaking of going out, I also went out, yeah, last night, as I said, with some of my friends to watch the movie Life of Pi. The other day, I also went out to meet some friends and had our "pearl milk tea" session. I went crazy over my cravings with a pearl milk tea and so I went to the city, (take note) despite the 38 degrees temperature. On the side, I also went for dinner at Nelayan to enjoy a plate of beef rendang.

Meanwhile, prior to this week's "gala," I met my highschool batchmate Anika, with her husband Rhys, last Sunday at Chilipaldi. I was so delighted to finally meet them and of course enjoyed the chit chat with them. They were also generous to treat me over lunch. And so I promised that I'll make it up with them once I get to earn some dollars for myself. Because at the moment, I survive with the University's scholarship.
And so speaking of survival, I'm on the edge of living below poverty line. In short, I'm really stretching my budget to survive in Melbourne. God! In these times that I miss working and earning bigtime - with all the writing, singing gigs, and hosting stints. Here's my case. At the moment, I need to pay in advance to the landlord of the new house that I'm moving in on February. On top of that, I need to pay the January rent in my current house. Additionally, I have to pay the bond of the new house. And so while all of these "money matters" come along my way, I can't help but just live within my means. It's just that when I'm stressed (a bit) with uni work (lots of books and journals to read, digest and synthesize), I reward myself with some cheap find - chocolates, dinner treat, movie, etc. But of course I'm not losing hope. I know that I'll eventually earn extra especially with my talent and hardwork.

Perhaps you may wondering how's my PhD research. I can confidently say that I'm progressing with my research. I've been reading (with lots of reflective moments) and synthesizing books and journals toward the direction of my research. Don't worry. I am a self-confessed nerd and so I love taking more time reading books and writing in the library or in my office station. But at the moment, I'm still enjoying my surrounding (especially the city) as to help me advance with my research. As what my supervisor always tells me, you need to settle first before you can write properly. I agree! Also, while I'm busy putting my time and effort in research, I also take time to find some outlet such as going out with friends, meeting new people, and yeah, hopefully soon, be part of the church's choir as I'm so wanting to sing. Seriously!

On a more exciting news (news talaga? pang-CNN?), I'm open for "dating" this year, which I consider an outlet to cope up with the pressure of school work. Naks!


  1. Ro, di ako natuloy sa BN. AUS kn pala, magkalapit lang tau! dalawin mo naman ako sa PNG! :p

  2. Kuri! Nako, di ka pala natuloy sa Brunei. Sige sige dalawin kita dyan sa PNG! Basta enjoy your journey. And yes, ipon ipon at ipon! Mabilis lang ang panahon kaya magtiyaga!