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Hey, hey, hey! It's been a while since I posted something on this blog. A lot of things have happened in the past weeks and obviously I've been so busy, well, up to this point. But I'm taking a break in reading a pile of books and journals for my PhD research because I want to update you my dears readers.

One of the highlights in my life for the past weeks is the "moving in" to a new place. Finally, after weeks of house hunting, which I find so interesting and disappointing at some point, I've found a house near my University. Way way cheaper compared to the room that I rented for the past two months, the room that I've signed up is near Monash University (Caulfield) and it's homey.

Did I say disappointing? For real. I found a house which looks like a haunted house with a creepy landlord. I also found another house which is about to fall. Coolness right? On to my story!

Prior to moving in to a new place, I've pondered on some of the factors why transferring is necessary. Of course, as a student under scholarship, budget is the bggest consideration. In my previous room, I pay AUD823 a month. So if you'll convert that in Pesos, wow, it's 32,920 pesos. Can you imagine that? It's as I'm paying a downpayment for a condo unit in the Philippines. So now, the current room that I'm renting is AUD650 (all in). "All in" means the electricity (in the common room), the water bill, and the internet are included. On one hand, I have to some extra on electricity consumption in my room. Interestingly, each rooms has an electric meter, which registers consumption. But I'm not bothered with it. I'd probably just stay in the University to work on my research and be home to sleep and rest.

Another factor that I've considered in transfering is I want a house and not an apartment/hotel-ish vibe. What I love about my current place, it's very homey. In fact, everytime I'll go out of my room and see the living room and the kitchen, I can say that "feels home." On top of that, I'm pretty much happy with my housemates. All of them are guys and they're kind. The guy who's moving out taught me to operate the stove. On one hand, two other guys are from Nepal; so they're Nepalase; the other guy is from China. And the other guy is from Italy. I haven't remembered well their names except for Maniz, a Nepalese, who I always talk with whenever he cooks or I cook in the kitchen.

The house is big. In fact, it has nine rooms and two big toilets. Despite the number of tenants in the house, we don't have any problem with toilet and kitchen usage. Interestingly, these boys know how to cook; it's just interesting to see them maneuver in the kitchen or be domesticated.

I am happy with my room. Although it's smaller compared to my previous place, I super like the positive vibe and refreshing ambiance. Inside, although it's really cold (perhaps it's the rooms wood or something), I can concentrate on my research and sometimes catch ideas in the air. Yes, it's very very and very conducive for studying. The room is also comfortable to sleep in and I somehow like the compact and intimate feel of the small space. I somehow feel the walls are embracing me. Lol. Crazyness?

Last reason of moving in is I want to be independent. Although I was independent in my previous place, I prefer to have more "me" time and focus on what I'm doing. Going out with friends and meeting new people are definitely my fave but I also want to catch "me" time" such as simply eating alone and watching a series (online), or perhaps chatting with my family or friends as I rest or read some school stuff. Perhaps, this is the kind of lifestyle or coping mechanism that I've imbibed especially when I lived in Brunei for 4 and a half years. Seriously, I can just stay in my room, study and work out eventually. I guess this is the reason why I have so much energy when I talk or engage with others. I'm recharged in being alone.

So now that I've moved in to a new place, I am absolutely looking forward to a new "sub-chapter" of my PhD journey. One's clear, I can concentrate more. Second, I am settled, which is good as I can jumstart my candidacy soon (ambitious, right). Third, I become more closer to God (as usual). And since I've moved in to a new "habitat." I am also saying to myself that I have to "move on." Yes, move on with my life. Whatever not so good experiences that I've had in the past or in the first few months of my stay should be considered as a pointers for learning. I won't elaborate on that anymore as everything's running smooth now. But one thing's for sure, I've become stronger and wiser now. Yeeeees! Applause, everyone!

On a bright side, as usual, I've been blessed with good friends in Melbourne. Be it watching a movie or simply going out for dinner chit chats, my Filipino friends (who are scholars) as well have been very helpful in giving me strength to survive in Melbourne. Not on that they give lots of laughter and "chika," they also provide the kind of conversations and camaraderie that I miss with my friends back in the Philippines and in Brunei. On top of that, I love discussions on "love life," an aspect of my life which I've been working out apart from from my PhD. Of course, PhD is at the top most part of the ladder, lovelife's somewhere along the way.

Send off Dinner!

Movie night with Joyce, Eden and Gab!

Satur-DATE with Janhart and Cheenee! Cheap finds hunting and Food Tripping!
Speaking of lovelife, I've been talking about this for sometime now. Apparently, I haven't really disclosed anything about it. Why? Because I'm not yet in a relationship. But, interestingly, I go out on a date (not that I have so many dates). I can't help but feel really excited whenever I'm faced with such encounters. And in Melbourne, you can do whatever you want that will make you happy as long as you don't step on others' shoes. It's in this country that I'm able to love who I really am (and I hope you'll love too for that.) Afterall, I'm in the right age (actually a late bloomer at that matter) to be in love? lol. Somehow, dating helps me to get to know the real "me." As I see it, I'm not ready for a relationship yet as I want to focus on my priorities in life. As they say, everything's a choice. To say the word "I love you" is definitely a bomb. It's explosive in a positive and sometimes negative way (especially if the intention is not genuine or concealed with just lust and not love). For now, to be friends is fine. Yes, friends!

Here's the deal. Even though you ask me about "my lovelife" status, I won't talk about it. It's something that I don't normally share to people. For now, you better just follow my blog. hihi

Anyways, I just took a short break in my research work. It's interesting that I've shared my thoughts and experiences about love. Of course, it's February, the month of love.

So ask me, do I have a date on February 14? Well, I can't answer that yet as I haven't given my "yes, I'm going out with you" to a "friend." But one thing's for sure, why not make everyday or every other day a Valentine's day? Kidding!

Catch you all soon, Mates!

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