Sunday, March 3, 2013


Wow! I've been so busy for the past month that I haven't updated this blog for a month now. As usual, I was busy with researching, reading, synthesizing, writing, and meeting with my supervisor on my PhD Research. On a lighter note, I've been busy as well with my "offline" world which I somehow present to the world by updating my Facebook account. I've been uploading pictures in my FB page and I've been Instagramming loads to keep everyone posted witn my adventures here in Melbourne.

I've been enjoying adventurous and exciting life here in Melbourne. I couldn't deny that. And for those who have been following my Facebook page, yes, you can feel that vibe! In fact, in the past month, apart from working in my new office, I've been going out as well with my friends (old and new). On a different story, was I dating for the past month? you'd be the judge. *wink wink*

Before I proceed with my blog entry, let me just share to everyone that I'd got a new work place in the Uni.

Now, let's proceed.

One of the words that I kinda like is the word "engagement." I actually picked up that word in one of the conferences that I attended last month. With a topic on global citizenship, engagement was used to convey the importance of networking. In that seminar, which used the word "engagement" for so many times, I did realize that networking has become a buzz word especially in this modern times. As people move from one region to another region and there's so much internationalization and globalization, one must not undersestimate the concept of "engagement." Such buzz word encapsulates the essence of being with someone and getting that connection circulate in full circle. Hence, it is such an advantage, wherever you are, to engage with different people and imbibe diverse cultures toward amplifying knowledge and experience.

For the past month, I've been engaging with people. And somehow, on a personal, casual or intimate forms of engagement, I've learned the power of engagement. Yes, networking has loads of advantage. One of it is basically you get to know people which may lead to friendship. And for the past month, I've engaged with my friends and a new found friend from Germany. My new found friend is Raimo. I've also been hanging out with Cheenee to either go to the gym, enjoy Zumba and yeah, pig out with heaps of "chikahan!"
With co-Filipino Scholars in Ate Gina's Post Valentine's Day Party!

With Raimo at the Sidney Myer Free Concert

With my gym buddy and neighbor Cheenee!

I've recently had the chance to talk in front of the incoming Masters and PhD Students at Monash University through volunteering with Monash Postgraduate Association's Orientation. Surprisingly, it was an impromptu engagement. The acting adviser of the organization asked me to talk about my experience as a PhD Student in Melbourne and share tips on survival.

Survival? When I heard that word I thought of a few tips in my mind. Since I was given with a limited time, setting ideas in bullets was helpful. And so I lined-up my top five. Among the five key ideas, I highlighted the importance of networking and engagement. Balancing school-life, being a tourist and a student, joining MPA and finding an outlet were some of the tips.

I highlighted in my talk the process and implications of networking. Honestly, when I arrived in Melbourne, I knew no one. The only person that I knew was my supervisor; that's it. And so I was very thankful to Hannah (my betfriend Liza's friend) who introduced me to Darwin and so I had a place to stay in and I survived for a few months as I settle down.

While I piqued the attention of the students and made them laugh with some of my experiences, I was proud to impart the effectiveness of networking. And so I encouraged everyone to not only study and work, it is important to somehow meet people and engage. I even said, "If you want to go out on a date, go out." and so the students laughed. I interjected, "But be responsible." Truth of the matter, given the advantage of having people of different nationality, race or religion, it is on one's key advantage to expand one's network (on a global scale!).

Going back to my personal experience with engaging, I must say that I'm lucky and very happy to immerse myself with an environment that's open minded, diverse and global. For the past month, I've not only met different people but I also had new friends. At the moment, I'm (pretty much) active in knowing people and getting them into my network. Through networking, I had the chance to tag along Raimo in Melbourne's White Night, enjoyed the Cosmopolitan Trail, and visited (with pictorial) Brighton Beach. It was lovely!

At Brighton Beach


Surrounded by Glass Boxes!
At NGV's Tees Exhibition

Flinder's Station during the White Night

Through networking I'm able to not only know where I can buy cheap items to survive or where I can enjoy the most budget-friendly food, but it has helped me to find home in Melbourne, where the weather is just so erratic and unpredictable. Somehow networking is keeping me afloat to survive in my PhD journey and in my life in general. Without friends and acquaintances, I'd probably be enslaved with sadness and (as usual) homesickness.

On another note, networking has been teaching me to be strong and somehow be wise. Not all people that we meet along our journey will stay and be with us, especially on tough times. As they say, people come and go. That's true. And so I've thought that it's better to look on the quality of friends that you have instead of thriving on quantity. I've proven this. And I highly appreciate how my friends (despite their busy lives) reach out to me. Be it in a simple hello, I'm super duper happy with that.

If there's a positive side of networking, there's also the not so good side. Apparently, some, as I said earlier, may just have hidden interests or purpose. And so be careful with that. I'm not saying that I had such encounter but somehow I think of it as existent in this playful world.

I guess that's what I wanna share with you all of you my dear readers. Finally I've updated this blog and I do hope to update this soon.

By the way, I've started to enroll myself in a gym and I'm sooooo enjoying Zumba. From 69Kgs prior to moving in Melbourne, I'm now 66.20Kgs. Thanks to Zumba, proper diet and yeah, lots of walking!


  1. Yung pagnenetwork, it brins people a lot closer. Depende lang kasi yan sa mga tao na you are engaging with. Di talaga maaiwasan yung mga taong oportunista, yung may hidden agenda sa pagiging kaibigan mo. Ang tawag sa kanila SUROT! Lol!

    Networking brings friends, and enemies too.hehehe