Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Finally, I've had the chance to update this blog. Surprisingly, I get to upload one entry per month. Am I that busy? The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!
A new season in Melbourne has begun. It’s already Autumn; Americans call it "Fall." Having said this, I’ve already started to feel (and combat) the “freezing” and “windy” weather. In fact, just two weeks ago, I had the “privilege” to experience, in a “pre” or “teaser” state, the upcoming winter season. But since it’s just Autumn, its best to savour the “not-so-cold-yet” days before the harassing winter comes in June, which apparently is my birthday month and so I’m hoping not to get sick in that time. I admit that I’m not used to a cold weather and so I’m now preparing for the “worse” possible “freezing” scenario in the upcoming days.

However, if there's any consolation that one can get from this cold weather is to enjoy the diverse and unique Autumn/Winter fachion of the people. It's in here that you can play around with "layering." In my case, I'm fine with a scarf and a jacket. I guess a gloves will come handy, soon. At the moment, I'm pretty much satisfied with "layering" a shirt and a jacket. 

Truth be told, there are things that I want to share (to vent out, actually) which I’ve experienced for the past days. While I am consistent with my research, I realize that I’m “stressing” myself. To say the word “stress” is an understatement. Perhaps it’s more of “hara-kiri” (yeah, that much?). With a self-imposed deadline, I am pushing myself too much to finish essays and meet submissions. Apparently, a stressful life or not giving myself enough rest is not good for me. In the end, I just end up grappling with writing. And so I’ve decided to take some days off for a few days, which happened over the Holy Week or holidays.

What’s with the stress?