Monday, June 10, 2013


Finally after few months of hardwork and a series of migraine attacks (yeah!), I am able to go on a full vacation. Thanks to the long weekend (It's the Queen's Birthday on Monday) and an invitation from my editor, Ms. Alice that my "dire" need to unwind happened.

So as I was packing my stuff a few nights ago, I told myself that I won't touch any materiaIs related to my research. I even promised myself that I won't bring my laptop just to work on my paper and the tons of journals that call review. Positively I stood by my decision and truly enjoyed my vacation. On another positive note (a blessing in disguise), since we're in an island, the slow signal (and unavailable most of the time) helped me to refrain from checking my FB, my work/school email, and my phone applications. Indeed, a reconnection to nature's freshness paired with socialization to a bunch of Filipino families and my co-scholars paved way for me to experience a fun-filled getaway at Fraser Island.