Sunday, September 15, 2013


It was in June when I last posted an entry in my blog. It’s already September. It is obvious that a lot of “events” put me in a blogging “coma”. Today, I am ending the “curse” of my writing hiatus. I, yours truly, would like to once again build an intimate relationship with you, my dear readers and followers. I have lots of stories to tell and I can’t wait to share it, like, now.

Winter is over. Spring has officially started two weeks ago. However, the weather in Melbourne is absolutely “bipolar”. It keeps on changing on an unpredictable and fast phase. Sometimes it’s warm and most of the time the weather shifts to a cold one. Then again, I just got used to it. So to cope with Melbourne’s “bipolar” weather, I’ve already imbibed the practice to always check the weather app in my phone before leaving the house and I never ever forget to bring a jacket or scarf in times of instant temperature shifts.