Monday, December 30, 2013


A few hours from now and 2014 will walk in. Are you excited? I am. As a new year ushers, it has become a tradition for most of us to reflect on the previous year and what are our plans for the coming year. We tend to make our New Year's Resolution, hoping to change bad habits and inject new and promising outlook and actions. In my case, before reflecting on the new year, I usually check on my previous year ender post and look back. Just last year, before I embraced 2013, I realized that I was once again "blessed" in so many ways.This year, blessings poured as well. I feel that if there's any worth focusing on this year, it is about finding myself, my happiness, knowing my real friends, and strengthening my relationship with my family.

If I have to describe my 2013 in one word, I will choose the word "confirmation". My 2013 was a challenging year. It was tough and I tried to handle it "gracefully". I solely relied on my optimism and faith in God. Come to think of it, I was two months old in Melbourne in the start of 2013. I moved in to a new house. I began working on my research proposal.Then it was not only the time of doing literature reviews and guest lecturing, I had my share of "really" getting to know myself, exploring what I am capable and not. Melbourne has changed me. I have not only learnt a lot (heaps!) in studying (which I've always loved: NERD!), but Melbourne has become a "home" where I confronted personal issues. These issues and struggles have contributed to shape me as a stronger, bolder and better person. I couldn't ask for more, really.

Friday, December 13, 2013


In this quiet afternoon, I am hit by nostalgia and it's inescapable. It's been more than three weeks now since I went back to the Philippines to attend my brother's wedding. It was a short vacation. In a short period of time, I was home. I was served not only with Filipino dishes that I miss the most, but I felt loved and cared by my family and close friends. In each encounter with special people in life, I reconnected ties. As much as I wanted not to leave, I had to. There's a bigger future that awaits. It's my future, a life goal that I want to share to everyone.

I've always missed my family and friends. I long for each encounters, whether its at home or at some places in the busy streets or malls of Metro Manila. I yearn laughing and eating out with them. It is their stories that embrace me the most. As they narrate stories that I may somehow miss because of my busy life, I am rejuvenated in so many ways. Stress is trashed. I am, as always, ready to face life's battles.