Saturday, June 14, 2014


(This is a repost of an entry that I wrote two days ago while I'm waiting for the rain to stop.)

I've been working for a few hours now in a nearby Cafe. As you all know I'm (kinda! *thunder*) busy doing my dissertation, trying to save the world (as if!). Thank goodness so far my sanity is in tact. And for the past 300 minutes, I've been drafting my paper for presentation in a conference in Melbourne. Literature review here and there. Synthesizing my notes. And basically brainstorming alone (what an isolating experience! hahaha!). Suddenly I've felt the urge to write a creative piece (I am taking the opportunity to write a creative piece as part of my let's bust the stress campaign!). I don't know if it's really creative but what I will write is about comparing finding your special someone and doing "scholarly" research. Whether you are in a relationship, in a chaotic relationship, in a soon-to-be-single status, or simply finding your special someone, I hope you will be able to appreciate (or fall in love) with my entry entitled "Gotcha, My Love: Comparing the process of finding your special someone and conducting scholarly research.

If you're all set to fall in love while conducting research then here we go!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Yesterday it rained Today, there's rain again. Tomorrow, oh well, I don't know.But I love the rain. Last month was a so HOT (super, sauna!). So the coming of the rain is a refreshing twist to usher a cooler season. I'm just not looking forward to flooding in some areas of Metro Manila paired with bonggang traffic.

This post is not about the weather. This is about the things that I want to share about myself. So before I turn 32 next week, I am sharing 32 random stuff about me.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have two things to talk about in this blog entry. First, there is about predicting my future based on tarot cards. And the other one is about my knack on watching Tagalog movies for the past weeks. I am undeniably a Tagalog-movie deprived Filipino. I've been living outside the Philippines since March 2008.

Last night I visited my dear friend (one of my bestfriends since college) Elms or Boogie. To meet and catch up with Elms is one of the to-dos in my visit in the Philippines. Elms have been my classmate in production classes in college and who has become one of my trusted "sister".  She is like a family to me. We're more likely twins in many aspects  and interests in life. Through ups and downs, Elms is always there. She is always present to listen to my rants in the past and my "adventures" in the present. Okay, let us not talk about my adventures. Our agreement is...what we talk or share, when we leave, we... just laugh! So as I was saying last night I went out with her. Prior to going out and moving around in UP, I visited her mom as well who is very close to me. Since my mom passed away, I've been adopted by "moms" of some of my friends, and Tita is one of them who treated me like their own child. So with my visit to her last night I had to chance to be under her spell (feels like a scene in a Disney movie?). Tita put out her Tarot cards and showed me my future.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Two weeks to go and I'm turning 32. It's gonna be my birthday! Hashtag Wohoo. For the past days that I've been thinking of what to wish, I've thought of something that I think is just suitable to wish. I am thinking of something that concerns the mind and body.

Two nights ago I found myself in the hospital. I am not a fan of hospitals. I dread the reality of being in a hospital. Unless I have a check up or I have to do some lab test, I can survive in the next minutes or hours. However, if being in a hospital happens because of someone in the family had an emergency, then it is quiet a serious and agonizing matter.

I won't elaborate why I was in the hospital two nights ago. It's something that I won't disclose. It is not me who was rushed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I'm supposed to be sleeping but here I am facing my laptop and writing an entry. *tap tap tap*

The past days have been a rollercoaster ride for me. Apart from trying to finish some research work (almost there!), I've been working on fixing my schedule to meet my friends before I leave Manila on the 29th. I am also busy thinking on what to do on my birthday and what sort of gift should I give to myself. One thing is for sure. I will go out with my family on a scheduled celebration over lunch. Meanwhile, as I spend on celebrating my birthday, I am also saving some money to do some travels this year as a reward to hardwork and anticipated PhD stress.

I am stressed but so far I've been able to manage it...uhm... yeah... yeah! Yeah, I'm managing it with the help of my family and friends. And just tonight I realized how my I can cope up with stress. Yeah, STRESS DRILON is around the corner!

Monday, June 2, 2014


Are you a postgraduate student? Are you doing your Masters? Or how about completing your dissertation? If your answer is YES, next question is, do you get stressed with school work? If you answer yes, how do you handle it?

Just this afternoon I visited my ortho. As you all know (and for those who doesn't know) that I have scoliosis. It is not inborn. Blame it to bad posture! So for the past days, because of probably over stretching my muscles or simply because of stress, I had chest and back pains. Okay. Don't panic. It's normal. I've been experiencing such pains since college. I do not have heart or lung problems (as Xrays and previous check ups as basis). It's just that sometimes pains due to my scoliosis attack unexpectedly. So to manage the pain, I usually relax my muscles or put on some liniment. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's my birthday month.I am turning 32. Yehey or yikes? Yehey of course! I am proud of it. I am very happy. And I feel so blessed is so many ways. I couldn't ask for more. Oh, I wanna ask one thing, wishing good health (safety and security too) for everyone.

The past weeks have been a challenge for me. Apart from enduring Philippine summer ( feels Sauna everyday), I've been doing research for my dissertation. Special thanks to my father for assisting me in my interviews and for my special partner for boosting and inspiring me heaps! I've been out for some days to gather data (interviews and making field notes) and I've been synthesizing journals or "take home" readings at some days. While I've been a prisoner in my room doing all research-related activities, I've also been a consistent customer in some nearby cafes to (as usual) study and work on my research. Obviously, it's been research, research, and yes, research.