Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Yesterday it rained Today, there's rain again. Tomorrow, oh well, I don't know.But I love the rain. Last month was a so HOT (super, sauna!). So the coming of the rain is a refreshing twist to usher a cooler season. I'm just not looking forward to flooding in some areas of Metro Manila paired with bonggang traffic.

This post is not about the weather. This is about the things that I want to share about myself. So before I turn 32 next week, I am sharing 32 random stuff about me.

1. I am afraid of a Tiyanak.
2. I collected POG cards when I was a kid.
3. I haven't watched LOTR and Star Wars. I'm not even attracted to watch it.
4. I used to have a 42 inches waistline.
5.  I love reading Rene Villanueva's works. Rene Villanueva was my professor at UP Diliman. I also have a collection of Rolando Tolentino and F. Sionil's works.
6. One of my embarrassing moments is when I forgot a few lines of the Philippine National Anthem in a fiesta where I was singing it. Yeah, was so nervous then!
7. I almost drowned in Puerto Azul when I was a kid, a reason why I have trauma in swimming.
8. I'm more a Batibot Kid.
9. Guy, who is in Melbourne, is my first (future) serious partner. *giggles*
10. I once did an on-cam job in ABS-CBN. It was a spoof of PBB's Jason, Uma and Sam Milby.
11. I'm a Brunei Who's Got Talent Grand Finalist title holder.
12. I used to do part-time teaching of Tagalog to foreigners. Guy, I will teach you Tagalog.
13. I've been to Sagada and I thought I'll die during spelunking.
14. My first taste of liquor is Puerto Galera's Mindoro Sling.
15. I'm blessed in raffle draws.
16. A kid taught me to cook rice.
17. My first mobile phone is BOSCH.
18. I watched Titanic six times!
19. Never miss watching Magandang Gabi Bayan's Halloween Special.
20. I learned using chopsticks when I was 25. I was so hungry during a TV shoot and there was no spoon and fork to use.
21. Whenever I sing "Ako ay Pilipino" in our flag ceremony during highschool, I get applause from students.I was once called "The Pavarotti" of my highschool batch.
22. I still have all the letters from my friends in elementary and highschool.
23. It was only in college when I "experienced" the MRT.
24. I sometimes scream watching horror movies especially if I'm alone.
25. I once wrote a romance novel and it's unpublished.
26. I had highblood pressure when I was 15. My blood pressure is normal now.
27. With my love and fascination with Jollibee, my thesis was about Jollibee.
28. I can't eat the chick in Balot or Duck's egg.
29. I hate pretentious people and social climbers. And yeah, arrogant peeps too!
30. I can sense and see ghosts or spirits.
31. I have a knack on funny erotic writing. Watch out for my book.
32. Being comfortable with my skin or being true to myself is the most liberating thing ever!

Oh yeah, Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

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